Kellie Copeland: Exchange Everything You Lack for Everything He Has

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Is there anything better than talking to the one who loves you most and knows you best?

Kellie Copeland, daughter of Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, grew up a preacher’s kid, in church and faith. She got married right out of high school, but the marriage didn’t last long, and she became a single mom to two children. She married and divorced two more times and had three more children. Still, she feels blessed and thankful “that God doesn’t expect us to stay in a relationship with a lot of pain and trauma.” Instead God provides a path forward for us.

Copeland wrote “Awake to His Presence,” a powerful devotional book, to show believers they can have a supernatural connection with God’s words of love, correction and destiny that leads to a deeper oneness with Him.

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Moving forward requires change. Copeland says, “You need to change, your relationship with the Lord changes and is changing the depth of your relationship with Him.”

Believers need to understand that God’s not done with them, no matter how badly they think they’ve messed up. When Copeland hit the floor, God began to repair places in her that she didn’t know were susceptible to the enemy and his strongholds: abandonment, rejection and shame.

God hears our voice when we cry out to Him, and He is near to the brokenhearted. Copeland explains, “I knew who I was in Christ Jesus, but on the flip side, I didn’t know who He was in me.” She regularly set her alarm to wake in the morning, but she told the Lord if He wanted her to get up earlier and spend time with Him, she’d respond. For about two weeks, she was awakened earlier, and she responded and spent time writing down what He said to her. Those words became her devotional, “Awake to His Presence.”

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Each day, “Awake to His Presence” offers readers a guided journal to open their heart to discover freedom, relief from life’s struggles and courage to step into their destiny. The book includes 30 guided conversations to open your heart to discover an authentic, two-way relationship with Jesus. You can discover how to wait in His presence, where you can exchange everything you lack for everything He has.

You may have grown up in the church and known God and the love of Jesus but still struggle in areas of your life. Jesus came as the Word made flesh. He is the perfect messenger of the Father. Lean into the simplicity that He is your shepherd and tell Jesus, “I love You.” Close your eyes and open your ears to hear, then believe the first thing that comes back to you when you’re talking to the Lord. You’ll hear something immediately or see an image that you’ll understand.

Remember, when we cry, “Abba, Father,” He speaks to our innermost being. The Lord has done everything that needs to be done. Open your heart to receive His love, guidance and peace.

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