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For Anyone with the Audacity to Replace Fear with Faith

From bestselling author, Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, this study guide companion to Your Mess, God’s Miracle is inspired by the story of the blind man in John 9. Sometimes Jesus makes your situation a muddy mess first—and out of that mess emerges a miracle! With biblical inspiration, scientific findings, and true stories, Pastor Sam lays out the practical, hope-infused roadmap for anyone with the audacity to replace fear with faith, wash away the mud of the past and walk through your mess into God’s miracle!

Use this study guide as a companion to the hardcover book by the same name: Your Mess, God’s Miracle* by Samuel Rodriguez available now.

*Also available in Spanish, Milagros en el Desorden
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Women are Relational, Resilient, and Romantic . . .

How, then, do we stay the course when the dysfunction of life, family, and relationships disappoint us?

A fresh viewpoint, attitude adjustment or a reboot is required when our boundaries are blurred, honor or trust has evaporated, or faith has faltered. We must realize our purpose, stay the course, and hold fast so that no one takes our crown because our journey is made up of Things That Matter.

Linda’s chapters thrash out Mother-Daughter Relationships as well as those of Mother-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law, Abuse, Boundaries, the Color of Perception, Divorce, the Loss of a Child, Pushing through Fear, Developing Faith, the Courage to be Vulnerable, and more.

“We must not allow the voices of the world to set the agenda for this decade, nor must we allow those voices to teach women how to be women.”
Titus 2 – Susan Hunt
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Antichrist and the 3rd Day Overcomers

Ambassador Justin Douziech’s book, “Antichrist and the Third Day Overcomers” is an eye-opening account that offers hope and trust in the Lord. It is essential for the believer to understand God and end times manifestations. The book details the Lord’s vision for the Believers and the secret of who we are. The Overcomer will fulfill the words of Jesus. The reader will see that God is in control and will never forsake His people.

The revealing of the Third Day Overcomers is hidden all over the Bible. This book is composed of topics that are discussed for the believer’s understanding, for their spiritual growth, and for them to overcome any opposition that is faced. It reveals the vision of God for His people’s destiny, for spiritual maturity and to overcome.

The Final Testament

A Warning from God to the Saved and Lost.
To the Lost: Receive Jesus Now.
To the Saved: Get Rid of Your “Traditions of Men”
Before the Soon Coming of Christ.

God’s Glory and the Exhortation is an astute and provocative point of view on the ways and follies of the modern church.

Brother Rene speaks God’s truth, refusing to bow to the weight of misguided tradition. His work is in line with the great but opposed prophets of the Old Testament as well as the hard-pressed apostles of the New. His writings bear the same weight of divine wisdom to both bless and course-correct the faithful few.


We live in a world tangled in deception. Christians are asked to compromise their beliefs, to conform and be “loving and accepting like Jesus was.” However, Todd Mozingo’s book, “Love Never Lies,” boldly challenges this narrative. Through a practical exploration of Scripture, Todd reveals a Jesus who fearlessly spoke truth, always, and who did not compromise.

From riots to elections, and from rainbows to school board meetings, we are pressured to embrace a false truth. We are asked to set aside our values to be liked by the crowd.

Todd shows us the urgency of speaking truth, and how to do it in love, just like Jesus did.
“Love Never Lies” shows us how to bring people closer to Christ by speaking bold truth.

Join this authentic love journey, in a love that never lies.

A Call to Intimacy – God is Passionately in Love with You

Did you know you can live your entire life knowing of God yet not know Him? You may be able to cite scriptures but never know the God of the scriptures. Yes, this is possible, but it was never His design. He created us to know Him intimately, know His heart, ways, thoughts and hear what He has to say. He desires a love relationship with us, not a casual acquaintance. For He is passionately in love with us. Our eternal life is about knowing and loving Him and Jesus (John 17:3).

There is a clarion call from Father’s heart – a Call to Intimacy. Will you answer His call? I have. I hope you will. As you read this book, you will get a glimpse of the unique ways men and women of the bible became lovers of Jesus and pursued intimacy with Him and our Father. May the words written provide a pathway to a life changing encounter and loving relationship with God continuing throughout your life and eternity.

Recharge, with three Life-changing Books!

The world is in turmoil and strife and getting worse! “Life is a Test: Hope in a Confusing World” will give you the wisdom and direction to navigate life. In a thought-provoking and challenging way, the author gives you the truth about the only person who does have the answer to the World’s problems – Jesus! Be stimulated by reading a page a day (like a devotional!) and find the key to life, hope for your future and the answers that the world desperately seeks and cannot find. Are you worried about the economy? Covid? Money? Death? Finding peace is the answer; the keys to that are in these daily books of wisdom.

Next, would you like to recharge your finances? Christian speaker and author Dr. S. R. Watkins, Ph.D has literally “written the book” on what the Bible says about money and financial stewardship. Join him as he walks with you step by step in submitting your finances to God for His purpose and His glory.

Wonderful Christian Fiction Novels to Encourage the Heart!

Sound the alarm! Herald the return of the soon coming King!

Riches and Prosperity takes you into the lives of a group of believers in success-driven, prosperity-minded America in the days before the return of the Lord and warns of danger that lies ahead.

“Artful! Thoughtful and profoundly unique!” —E.S.
“Left me hungry for a deeper walk with God.” —Amy

Riches and Prosperity is a powerful, heartwarming story of God’s redemption, mercy, and grace!

The Nehemiah Project is the story of Benjamin Sharon, a Messianic Jew, and a group of Christian pastors who accept God’s call to join together in prayer to seek revival in their city. Fast-paced with a storyline combining action and suspense, The Nehemiah Project is an urgent call to prayer to believers all over the world.

“Challenging for the believer, gripping for the seeker!” —Dr. Ken Isom
“Get ready for a revival adventure that will ignite your faith!” —Emily

My Jesus, My Child

My Jesus My Child is a devotional book written especially for women. It is an umbrella of prayers that shield women from the downpour of emotions that attempt to steal their self-worth, joy and peace. When the cares of this world seem too much to bear, when there is no strength left to carry on with the endless needs of the day, when there too many responsibilities and too much pressure, there’s a prayer for you. Listen as Jesus tenderly whispers that you are His masterpiece and He loves you.

The Bridegroom

It is based on the traditions of a Galilean wedding through research at Liberty University. I present to you The Bridegroom—a tale of the love of groom for bride. I was caught up in the truths of scripture representing the picture of Godly marriage.

Bearing witness to these truths, Christ is the picture of the ultimate Bridegroom—one who has come to purify his bride the holy church clothed in white. Worship and praise the Lord in poetic verse and enjoy this book today!


The name PROMISE KEEPERS went viral in the 1990’s. Massive football stadiums packed with men cheering, singing, and praying together.

In 1997, 1.4 million men gathered for a day of celebration and prayer at our nation’s capital. Yet equally as fast, Promise Keepers seemed to disappear. How was that possible?

Now those questions are answered. With love and grace, The Promise Keepers Roller Coaster provides exclusive details regarding the miracles and successes that took place, as well as the self-inflicted wounds that caused such a precipitous decline.

Every chapter also includes valuable principles that may benefit any church leader or businessperson. Don’t miss this book!

A New Kind Of Devotional


Each daily reading in these devotional books will guide the reader on a journey through nature, where beautiful images and authentic life stories, seamlessly merge with timeless spiritual truths.

  • Mountains – Inspired by Nature’s Beauty
  • Waters – Nature’s Healing Therapy
  • Skies – How Big Is Our God
  • Deserts – Meeting God in the Dry Places

Unique book of Coping Skills

Stuff Your Fanny Pack with Coping Skills may be the most unique book you will ever read. It is 357 pages with over 500 coping skills to deal with those menacing life issues such as stress, regrets, disappointments and 14 others. Every chapter includes pertinent scripture and many examples from nature to make it relevant for you.

Pat has put her 20 years of experience into a book that will help you move into a more fulfilling life. You don’t have to accept depression, anxiety, worry, fear and other unpleasant emotions. The strategies are at your fingertips like a fanny pack. Buy this very helpful and insightful book of solutions at Amazon, Barnes and, and

Shake It Off and Rise Above It –
You are Destined to Overcome

By Dr. Kenya L. Ward

Many persons are born into unfortunate circumstances which they have no control over and experience diverse challenges during the course of their life. Despite the challenges that we face, God has equipped us with the fortitude to overcome through Lord Jesus Christ. This book is filled with testimonies about the miraculous power of God in transforming the life of a common woman – raising her from poverty to diplomacy. You will be inspired to invite God into your situation and trust Him to change ‘the impossible.’

The Return of the Gods

by Jonathan Cahn

Is it possible that behind what is happening to America and the world lies a mystery hidden in the ancient inscriptions of the Middle East? Find out in New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Cahn’s blockbuster book, The Return of the Gods! Uncover the puzzle pieces that explain what is happening before our eyes to discover who are the gods and where this is all heading.

Spirit-Led Living in an Upside-Down World

by Stephen Strang

In an upside-down world facing intense spiritual warfare, Christians today are easily depressed and bombarded by sin on every side. But there is one power that is greater than every war waged against us—and that’s the power of the
Holy Spirit! With Spirit-Led Living in an Upside-Down World, you’ll learn how to walk with the Holy Spirit to survive and thrive in today’s world.

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