The Strang Report

Want to read exclusive, insightful interviews about spiritual topics with key leaders? Stephen Strang provides stories on the latest breaking news from a Christian perspective to inform you and grow you in your walk with Christ.

Fire in My Bones

With journalistic and Holy Spirit-filled commentary, J. Lee Grady is providing readers with hope and wisdom on what is happening in our culture today.

Jonathan Cahn

Read explosive, mind-blowing articles from New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Cahn as he unlocks ancient mysteries in our world today.

Prophetic Insight

Take a deeper look at biblical prophecies coming to pass in our world today from prophetic voices you can trust.

God Encounters Today

Gain godly, biblical wisdom from James Goll’s poignant and powerful articles.

Straight Talk

Get straight-forward, honest, and biblical teachings and practical advice from well-known speaker and author, Joyce Meyer.

The Plumbline

Read astute, powerful articles on spiritual warfare and prophecy from spiritual powerhouse, Jennifer LeClaire.

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