Could 2024 Be the Year of Perfect Timing?

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Abby Trivett

Are there dreams in your life that you’ve put on hold or have lost all faith in?

Up-and-coming prophetic voice Mariel Villarreal is sharing how she believes God will use 2024 as a year of perfect timing to activate the plans and the purposes He has for His children.

Villarreal, who studied at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, posted a note on Instagram on January 14 titled: “The Door of Perfect Timing is Opening.”

“There is no time to waste right now. It is a time to align with God in divine *Kairos* timing and not your own timeline. God moves outside your own timeline.”

The note continued with: “Jesus is your doorkeeper! This is year of important doors opening and wrong doors slamming shut…trust the Good Shepherd with every shut door!”

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Villarreal further encouraged others to seek Jesus as the gatekeeper to their lives just as John 10:7-10 describes Him as so, that all who enter the gate by Jesus will be saved. She also gave a reminder that “When God opens the door and gives you the word and direction, do not be afraid to launch into the deep!”

In a reel on the same topic, Villarreal further gave this same kind of encouragement.

“God’s timing is perfect in your life,” she said. “I know it doesn’t always feel that way, but God knows what He’s doing, in bringing all the puzzle pieces together at the exact right time.”

“This is the year that God’s going to open up doors in your life that have been closed on purpose until this season. God is going to show you why certain dreams that died in the past, certain doors that didn’t budge open are actually for this coming season,” Villarreal continued.

Villarreal further encouraged viewers to go ahead and open up old journals, look at previous dreams that had been impressed upon their hearts and see how God may be opening up new, and even unexpected opportunities for those things. While we cannot know exactly how God will do something, we can expect that when and how He works will look dramatically different than anything we’ve ever thought or planned.

“Ask God what He’s breathing new life on in this season,” Villarreal said. “For others of you, God is going to lead you onto a totally new path; He’s got a door you didn’t see coming, and it’s going to be beautiful. It’s going to be marked with His favor. He’s going to open up doors when you’re facing a red sea, when you’re in the valley of trouble, or the valley of weeping, and He’s going to lead you into a totally and brand-new thing tailored to you. Tailored to your destiny, tailored to who you are because He’s that good, and He has a plan for your life.”

When facing major moments of desperation and feeling trapped, it’s important to remember that when God speaks a promise, when He makes a covenant with His people, He does not lie. Genesis 18:14 says, “Is anything too difficult for the LORD?” This isn’t just a verse to make us feel good; this is a verse that was spoken when God said the appointed time for Sarah and Abraham to have the promised son was coming.

It didn’t matter how many years of turmoil they had experienced; how many hours of tears, mistakes and pain had occurred. Because God said He would do it, He was going to do it. It was their moment of God’s perfect timing, the open door, the impossible happening because by this point, they could not even bear children in the natural. However, because God said it was the appointed time, Sarah and Abraham witnessed a miracle.

Despite the moments of disappointment and discouragement you may have felt in life, trust that the Lord is still working, and if He says is about to do something, He will come through on this promise.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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