Charisma Magazine June ’24

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Charisma Magazine June ’24

Cover Story

COVER STORY: Benny Hinn Addresses Recent Criticisms

COVER STORY: Reflecting on the past, looking ahead to the future

Charisma Magazine June ’24


Strengthening Your Spiritual Discipline

How to humble your flesh, grow in meekness and inherit the kingdom

3 Depression Traps You Can Beat

Equip yourself to recognize patterns before they spread into traps

Is This the 4th Quarter?

MAX LUCADO: It's all about hope, and it's all about Him

Spirit or Spectacle?

5 risks & 4 solutions to keep your church grounded in the Gospel

Charisma Magazine June ’24


CHARISMA CLASSICS: A Small Tribute (October 1986)

CHARISMA CLASSICS: No man can survive without hope

THINGS TO COME: 4 Reasons to Steward Your Sabbath

THINGS TO COME: The value of the Sabbath is in building margin into your week

STRAIGHT TALK: More Than a Conqueror

STRAIGHT TALK: Learn to listen to that simple unction, that nudge, that knowing.

FIRE IN MY BONES: Are You Letting Satan’s Mind Games Discourage You?

FIRE IN MY BONES: It’s time to renew our commitment to fight the good fight.

STRANG REPORT: Life-Changing Moments & Words In Due Season

STRANG REPORT: His word that day changed the course of my life.

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