Charisma Magazine May ’24

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Charisma Magazine May ’24

Cover Story

COVER STORY: It’s Time for an Honest Apology to Women

COVER STORY: In light of recent scandals, our sisters need to know the church is a safe place. We need public repentance

Charisma Magazine May ’24


We Dare Not Squander This Moment

Sober warnings in this grave hour

Step Into the Heart & Emotions of God

The mysteries in the Song of Songs

Pentecost 2024: Waves of Pentecost Unity Across the Nation

Waves of Pentecost unity sweeping from California across the nation

Adventure of a Lifetime

Expecting God in the deep shadows of disease & recovery

Charisma Magazine May ’24


STRANG REPORT: Claim the Gift of Pentecost

STRANG REPORT: Join me and the Charisma magazine family pressing in to Holy Spirit’s presence for your life

FIRE IN MY BONES: Lord, Send a Fresh Pentecost

FIRE IN MY BONES: It jumped the theological firewall to touch Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans and believers from all denominations

STRAIGHT TALK: The Fruitful vs. the Frustrated Life

STRAIGHT TALK: He has a plan for you and He will give you everything you need to fulfill your destiny

THINGS TO COME: Expect the Unexpected When God Brings Revival in New Ways

THINGS TO COME: We must live in expectancy of an extraordinary move of God

CHARISMA CLASSICS: Another Man’s Servant (September 1985)

CHARISMA CLASSICS: God is bigger than our interpretation of the Bible...all men who are committed to the lordship of Jesus Christ are brothers

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