Charisma Magazine July ’24

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Charisma Magazine July ’24

Cover Story

COVER STORY: No Fear for the Faithful

COVER STORY: Living in victory through the most chaotic times in history

Charisma Magazine July ’24


MINISTRY: Are We Preaching or Reaching?

MINISTRY: Don’t lose who we are in ministry

CHURCH OPERATIONS: Standing In the Gap

CHURCH OPERATIONS: The rise of church security as a ministry

LOSS & REDEMPTION: Learning to Live Again

LOSS & REDEMPTION: After the unthinkable

FAITH: The Dog’s Next Hunt

FAITH: New mercies, new miracles and fresh redemptions

Charisma Magazine July ’24


STRANG REPORT: Gifts of the Spirit Series: How the Word of Knowledge Works

STRANG REPORT: If you will surrender to Him, He will jump-start His power in your life.

FIRE IN MY BONES: Break Free from Today’s Fake Outrage Culture

FIRE IN MY BONES: When you cut ties with someone because they hurt you, you are missing an opportunity to become more like Christ

STRAIGHT TALK: The Key to Fulfill Your Purpose in Life

STRAIGHT TALK: Pray, take God-inspired action, and fulfill your true purpose

THINGS TO COME: 6 Keys for Supernatural Evangelism In an Age of Secular Mysticism

THINGS TO COME: Our goal is not to entertain peoples’ spiritual curiosities, but to lead them to repentance, faith and transformation

CHARISMA CLASSICS: Hotheads In the Household (November 1985)

CHARISMA CLASSICS: Any behavior which undermines the foundations of the Christian home is simply unacceptable

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