Kairos Moment CreationsTM Presents the BREASTPLATE of RIGHTEOUSNESS® Collection

This collection is designed to remind you to protect your heart and soul as a witnessing tool of your faith.

TABLET OF YOUR HEART is our anchoring design. The Word of God is what anchors us. Proverbs 3:3 (NIV) states, “Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.”

Each design has the hands of GOD/JESUS on them. On the Advocate Cross and Acceptance designs the Hands move to show wherever we go, HE goes with us. On the ‘Tablet of Your Heart’ design, the Hands are fixed because GOD’s word doesn’t change.

ADVOCATE CROSS is our first design. When GOD showed it to me, I sketched it and heard HIM say: The One who died on the Cross, now helps you bear your cross. JESUS is helping and advocating for us.

ACCEPTANCE design shows GOD/JESUS loves us. Future versions may
be personalized.

The Foolishness of God

The foolishness of God comes from 1 Corinthians 1:25, which describes how God often operates in ways that the world would define as “foolishness.” Speaking in tongues (or glossolalia) is a perfect example of God operating in what the world might see as foolishness or senselessness. In Acts 2:1-13, God gives us an example of a crowd interpreting tongues as “being drunk,” and even those speaking in tongues being made fun of. Similarly, much of the Western world’s thinking is rooted in logic, making it difficult for some to believe in a God that would work in and with humans in an illogical way. In addition, the world has also embraced a more written version of communication, getting further away from the oral communication of Biblical times. In this book, Dr. Del Tarr takes the reader on an academic journey to understand the mystery of speaking in tongues through the Biblical lens of God’s foolish workings in an oral context.

The Final Testament

A Warning from God to the Saved and Lost.
To the Lost: Receive Jesus Now.
To the Saved: Get Rid of Your “Traditions of Men”
Before the Soon Coming of Christ.

God’s Glory and the Exhortation is an astute and provocative point of view on the ways and follies of the modern church.
Brother Rene speaks God’s truth, refusing to bow to the weight of misguided tradition. His work is in line with the great but opposed prophets of the Old Testament as well as the hard-pressed apostles of the New. His writings bear the same weight of divine wisdom to both bless and course-correct the faithful few.

The Return of the Gods

by Jonathan Cahn

Is it possible that behind what is happening to America and the world lies a mystery hidden in the ancient inscriptions of the Middle East? In the New York Times best seller, The Return of the Gods, author Jonathan Cahn provides the answers behind mysteries like:

  • Who are the Gods?
  • Who are the Possessor, the Enchantress, The Destroyer, and
    The Transformer?
  • Has one of the ancient gods actually manifested in New York
    City and ancient mythology played out on its streets in real time?
  • Where is it all heading? What does the future hold? And what do
    you need to know in light of it?

Prepare to embark on a fascinating, unforgettable, and mind-blowing journey where fact is stranger than fiction and where you will see the world as you never have before…

The book you can’t afford NOT to read is now available in paperback.

A Journey Into Divine Love

by Rabbi Kirt A. Schneider

What if the point of the cross wasn’t just to be saved but to be loved? In Rabbi Schneider’s A Journey into Divine Love, you’ll uncover what it means to walk in true intimacy with God. As you dive into the Song of Songs, sometimes known as the Song of Solomon, you’ll see glimpses through this poetic text of a greater, prophetic love story that God has written for us as His children.

Using practical guidance and insightful analysis, Rabbi Schneider illuminates the meaning and symbolism behind the Song of Songs. As you observe the profound truths from this book of the Bible, you’ll find the tools needed for personal transformation and greater spiritual renewal. You don’t have to stay in a spiritual drought. This is your call to know God in a whole new way.

From Passover to Pentecost

by Cynthia Schneider

Are you ready to go deeper in your relationship with the Holy Spirit? If you’re looking for a deeper, more meaningful relationship with the Holy Spirit, this is the perfect time to dive into this fifty-day journey by Cynthia Schneider. Carefully designed to help prepare you for a fresh awakening with the Lord, From Passover to Pentecost examines the Scriptures focused on the time frame starting with Passover and ending with Pentecost.

If you want to sharpen your relationship with God and reach new levels of your understanding of the Holy Spirit, then this book is perfect for you. Discover how you can receive a fresh endowment of power and revelation through the ever-present living Spirit of God! Experience the holy anointing of God’s precious Spirit in your life today.

Seize the Moment

by Michael Brown

Revival is dependent upon how much we allow the Holy Spirit to move. With Michael Brown’s newest book, Seize The Moment, you will gain 25 proven ways to cultivate and sustain revival that goes beyond an emotional experience to creating a lasting, eternal flame for Christ. Revival doesn’t have to stop at emotionalism. It can be transformed into everyday living that endures a lifetime.

Turn the Tide

by Michael L. Brown

With the power of the Holy Spirit, we can change the world instead of the world changing us. With Dr. Michael Brown’s newest book, Turn the Tide, you’ll discover how you can practically take your revival experience and be apart of the movement to turn it into reformation that will permeate in our culture, nation, and the world. Drawing from historical revivals and scriptural insights, Dr. Brown will help you move beyond the church walls to share the good news of the gospel and see change take place in our politics, culture, and so much more.

To Know Him by Name

by Rabbi Kirt Schneider

When you know what name to call on, you know more of whose you are. In Rabbi Schneider’s newest book, you’ll discover the power and purpose behind the various Hebrew names of God. When readers see God from this perspective, they’ll see him for who he truly is: provider, peace, savior, shepherd, victorious healer, and so much more. No longer do you have to live in fear and anxiety—once you spend time in His great presence, you will see how much greater life truly is with Him.

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