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Special Edition November 2023

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Cover Story

The Mystery of the Shemitah

Could a 3,000-year-old mystery lie behind some of the most pivotal events of modern times and hold the key to what the future will bring to America and the world?


How America Can Avoid Calamity

A ‘great shaking’ is coming to America, but through judgment revival can come

The Paradigm

Is there a Master Blueprint that lies behind the events of our times?

The Oracle Unveiled

Jonathan Cahn reveals the end-times secret that has stunning implications for the world

The Harbinger II: The Return

Is America heading for judgment?

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  • Jonathan Cahn Is Combating End Times Darkness in ‘The Josiah Manifesto’

    Jonathan Cahn Is Combating End Times Darkness in ‘The Josiah Manifesto’

    A darkness has come upon the world. It is an ancient darkness, and yet new in its manifesting. It is permeating our media, our entertainments, our marketplaces, our schools, our corporations, our public squares, our governments, our cultures, our lives. It is setting in motion the transformation of our society, the overturning of ancient foundations,

  • The Mystery of the Days of Awe

    The Mystery of the Days of Awe

    Jonathan Cahn’s Latest Book Reveals Stunning Parallels Between Bible Holy Days and Events In Our Time Could the shocking events of modern times, even of recent years, be the outplaying of mysteries going back two and a half thousand years? Could a 3,000-year-old calendar of appointed days in the Bible lie behind the shaking of

  • The Phineas Factor

    The Phineas Factor

    The Stunning Bible Connection Between The Overturning of Abortion, COVID, and Revival in America Could an act performed in a middle eastern desert three thousand years ago provide the key to a modern phenomenon that changed our lives? Could a Scripture that appeared to Jonathan Cahn while waiting for a plane at an airport provide


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