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The Oracle Unveiled

Written by Jonathan Cahn

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It’s not just you. The sense that things are spinning out of control is shared by believers throughout the world—and not just by believers, but by unbelievers as well. But what if there was a master plan behind the key events of our times—past, present, future, America, Israel, the world, end-time prophecy and, yes, even Donald Trump? This is the revelation that came to me concerning The Oracle. I’ve been asked to give the readers of Charisma an advance glimpse into the mystery.

Is it possible that the events unfolding in the world right now are following the exact parameters of a 3,000-year old mystery? Is it possible that this mystery has determined the past, the present and will determine the future? Could this mystery have even ordained the outcome of American elections ‑and the secret of a modern American president?

Is there an exact biblical template that foreordained events which will take place in our modern times and gives the exact years and even dates when they will transpire? Could this mystery be so big that it involves everyone from Moses to Mark Twain, from the prophet Daniel to Donald Trump? And could the mystery contain the master secret and plan of the age, of the end times, the coming of Messiah and even heaven and eternity?

It is this mystery that will be released in The Oracle. It lies behind the rise and fall of nations—including America—world wars, the resurrection of Israel, events that take place in the highest chambers of power, from ancient palaces to Capitol Hill, the changes and transformations that are taking place in our culture and much more. It has affected and continues to affect each of our lives.

The mystery begins in ancient times in a Middle Eastern desert and spans the ages to events taking place in this very hour. More than once, it has determined who would become president of the United States. It even unveils the ancient mysteries behind the presidency of Donald Trump. As with The Harbinger and The Paradigm, as I began to record the pieces of the mystery, the revelation kept growing larger and larger.

The mysteries of The Oracle are revealed (as in The Harbinger) through a narrative. A man must unlock the meaning of a vision in which he enters a hall of seven doors. Behind each door lies a stream of mysteries, part of an even larger revelation. In order to unlock them, he must find a man named “the Oracle.”After a search and a journey into a desert, he encounters him. He will then be given the next vision and the next, each one containing one of the mysteries. In this way, the mysteries are revealed through the imagery of such visions as the “Man in the Black Robe,” “The Angel’s Coin,” “The Awakening of the Dragon,” “The Lost City,” “The Jubilean Matrix” and many more. In the space I have here, I can only offer the briefest glimpses and samples of the revelations contained in The Oracle—but it will give you a taste.

The Stranger and the First Door

There can be no second coming without the return of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland and the rebirth of the nation of Israel. In the latter part of the 19th century, the land of Israel was a desolate wasteland under Islamic rule. But in one particular year, strange things began to happen in the land, prophetic events linked to ancient mysteries. These are revealed in “the first door.”

One of these involves the biblical prophecy that a stranger would come to the land from far away to bear witness to its desolation. And after that, the Jewish people would begin to return.

It happened. The stranger’s name was Mark Twain. He would do exactly as foretold in the prophecy: bear witness to the land’s desolation. He would even use the same words and phrases that Moses, in the ancient prophecy, foretold he would use.

Following the stranger’s journey, other prophetic events began to take place: the uncovering of “the Lost City” after 2,000 years, “The Man with the Measuring Line,” “The Sultan’s Code” (which fulfilled the word of the prophet Jeremiah) and the mystery of the Seventh Jubilee. All these things manifested at the same time: 1867. This prophetic year set in motion a stream of events which, over the following century, would shake the world.

The Jubilean Mysteries

One of the revelations opened up in The Oracle is that of the Jubilean mysteries. The Jubilee was the biblical year of restoration, the year of returning to your long-lost ancestral land. It was to manifest every 50 years.

Amazingly, the return and resurrection of Israel has followed the mystery of the Jubilee—exactly. Every 50 years, a central prophetic event having to do with the return and resurrection of Israel manifests in the world. In 1867, it began with a series of mystical events in the land that would bear fruit in the following years.

Count 50 years, and it brings you to the year 1917, the year of the next great prophetic event. It was then when, after nearly 2,000 years, the land of Israel was liberated from hostile powers—and given, in the Balfour Declaration, to the Jewish people for a homeland.

Count again 50 years later, and it brings you to the year 1967. It was in the year 1967 that the greatest prophetic event of the age concerning Jerusalem took place. 1967 was the year of the Six-Day War when, after 2,000 years of separation, the Jewish people returned to their holy city—and another piece of the puzzle required for the return of the Messiah was put in place.

Count again 50 more years, and it brings us to the year 2017. Did anything of prophetic significance take place in that year concerning the restoration of Israel or Jerusalem? It did—and it waited 50 years to happen. In 2017, America, under President Trump, became the first nation on earth to grant official recognition to the Jewish return to Jerusalem and to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish nation. This was the first time any major power had done so since ancient times.

Each prophetic event has taken place according to the ancient mystery in that appointed 50th year, like clockwork.

The Mystery of the Parashas

One of the mysteries I came upon was equally amazing and mind-blowing. I call it the “Parasha Mystery.”It concerns two ancient scrolls from which certain Scriptures are appointed to be recited and chanted among the Jewish people. The amazing thing is that, over and over again, the appointed Scriptures actually match up with the events taking place in the world at the time that the appointed word is to be recited. Let me give some examples of what this mystery entails:

At the end of Mark Twain’s pilgrimage, on his last full day in Jerusalem as the stranger from the faraway land, there was a Scripture appointed for that day. What was it? It was the prophecy of the stranger who comes to the land from far away. So as he walked the streets of Jerusalem, that very prophecy of his coming was being chanted throughout the city.

The very day when the United Nations gathered together to vote on the return of Israel into the world—thus giving back of the promised land to the Jewish people—was Scripture-appointed from ages past. It was the Scripture of the return to the land of Israel. It even revealed the name of the new Jewish nation that would only be revealed months later. The appointed Scripture revealed it would be called “Israel.”

The following year, when the nation of Israel was actually raised from the dead to become a nation, there was an appointed Scripture for that day. It was the Scripture that prophesied the end of the Jewish exile and the resurrection of the nation of Israel. So on the day that Israel was raised from the dead, the appointed Scripture was the prophecy that Israel would be raised from the dead!

In the Six-Day War, Israel mobilized all its men up to the age of 50, then made the decision to go to war. The appointed Scripture for those days was that which contained the words “go to war,”and told Israel how to mobilize its men for battle. At the end of those days, it even revealed the age limit for the mobilization: 50 years of age.

The prophetic events of 2017 heavily involved President Trump. The Oracle reveals the amazing Scripture appointed for the day of Donald Trump’s birth—it was read on that day and would reveal the mystery of his life.

While there isn’t space here to go into details regarding these revelations, each of them shows the stunning presence and power of God’s hand in all human events.

Mysteries Behind Our Times and Leading to the End of the Age

There are still other streams of mysteries in The Oracle behind our times and leading to the end of the age. They include:

“The Jubilean Code”: Embedded in the ancient law of Jubilee is a command for the Jewish people to return to their ancestral land. The amazing thing is that the ancient Hebrew word command actually reveals the exact year Israel would return to its land.

“The Prophecy Coin”: This coin bears a biblical and prophetic number, which appeared to signal the fall of an empire and the end of an age the very year it first appeared.

“The Masada Mystery”: Hidden for 2,000 years on an ancient mountaintop, this amazing mystery contained a prophecy and revealed the exact day Israel’s return to Jerusalem would take place.

“The President’s Secret and the 70-Year Mystery”: Meet the ancient king who holds the secret behind President Trump (beyond what is revealed in The Paradigm) and how it led him to take an action at the end of a prophetic 70-year period—on the exact Hebrew day ordained by an ancient prophecy.

Other mysteries revealed in The Oracle include “The Day of the Lions,” “The Land of Seven Wells,” “The Stained-Glass Metamorphosis,” “The Babylonian Code,” “The Final Mystery” and many more than I can begin to fit into these pages.

The Master Secret of the End Times

Though the fifth door, The Oracle reveals the mystery behind current events. But behind the sixth door lies that which is yet to come. The Jubilean mysteries contain the master secret of the end times. In a section called “The Dark Jubilee,” they reveal the reason behind the transformation that is now taking place in our culture and nation and where it’s all heading. Another opens up the prophetic mystery behind the church and God’s people and the revelation of what we are to do and become in the days ahead—and how every one of these revelations is connected to the return of the Messiah.

And then there’s the seventh door, which opens up the ultimate mystery. It has to do with each life, each soul, each heart and each destiny. And it leads to the ultimate Jubilee. Even heaven is part of the revelation.

What do the mysteries revealed in The Oracle tell you? God is awesome and His ways are amazing. You are truly living in the most prophetic of times and, most definitely, in the end times. The hand of God is moving powerfully in every event, working and weaving all things together for redemption. God is inarguably real—more real than the world. His word is absolutely true and will prevail. His promises are good and will all come to pass. And just as God’s plan for the world is amazingly precise, so too is His plan and calling for your life amazingly precise. Let us be aware of the signs of the most critical time in which we live. Let us stand confident in His power, stronger than ever. And let us live in a manner worthy of the calling He has given us—for such a time as this!

Jonathan Cahn caused a national stir with the release of the New York Times best-sellers The Harbinger, The Mystery of the Shemitah, The Book of Mysteries and The Paradigm. He has addressed members of Congress and spoken at the United Nations. He is known as a prophetic voice in this generation and for the opening up of the deep mysteries of God. He leads Hope of the World—bringing God’s Word to the nations and help to the world’s most needy—and the Jerusalem Center/Beth Israel in Wayne, New Jersey.

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