Jonathan Cahn’s Word for 2024’s Coming Warfare

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Abby Trivett

After seeing the past year surge with witchcraft, paganism, the occult and the extreme gender ideologies being pushed on young children, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn provided a warning about the coming end times, how these signs are playing out right in front of our eyes and what we can do to persevere through the coming storms.

“Be careful how you walk. Not as unwise people, but as wise. Make the most of your time because the days are evil,” Cahn said. “Therefore, do not be foolish but understand what the will of the Lord is. The time is late. No matter what age you live in, you got to make the most of your time. Your days on earth are numbered, so no matter when you live you got to apply this.…but on top of it, the time is late because we live in the latter days.”

The fact that time is continuing to race closer toward the return of Christ means we must also definitively choose to make Jesus the firm foundation our life is built upon so we can stand tall for His righteousness.

“Everything you do for God means more. Every stand you take for God means more,” Cahn said.

The only way that we will survive and grow in the year to come is to completely stand for Christ, no matter what may come.

“We live in dramatic times; we live in radical times. We have to live radically for God in this year to come,” Cahn said.

“I’ve said this before, I believe this year will be a dramatic one,” Cahn added. “One with warfare. And you who are born again are born again spiritual Israelites. You are also spiritual Israelis. Let me give you a spoiler alert; in the Bible, the word Israelite is Israeli. Same word. The Bible says you are spiritual Israelites, you’re a spiritual Israeli. And so, you must fight.”

It doesn’t matter what political, societal or economic turmoil may cross our paths or make us want to step aside from the fight of faith. If we have been adopted into the family of God, we must take up our cross and follow Him. There are only two options: either to fight alongside the Lord, or to work on the opposing side with the enemy.

“This year you must fight the good fight. That means you don’t let the enemy have his way anymore. That means you don’t let the enemy intimidate you, ensnare you, hinder you, entangle you anymore. That means you don’t care what the world says or what the polls say or what the media says; it doesn’t matter,” Cahn said.

While 2024 may or may not have started off exactly as you’ve planned, God’s plan is still bigger, and when you choose to chase after Him and stick with His purposes, He will undoubtedly be with you. The greatest thing that any of us could have in this new year is a chance to know and to run alongside of Christ. We may encounter ups and downs, but by choosing to stand with God above all else, the heavenly victory will be even greater than anything that can be known here during this lifetime.

“Take back what is yours. This year, fight the good fight of faith. Fight the good fight of righteousness. Fight for your calling. Fight for your ministry. Fight for your peace Fight for your blessing. Fight for your family. Fight for your victory. Fight the good fight. This year, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. This year, be strong and of good courage, and everywhere the soles of your feet shall tread, if you walk, it shall be given to you. Fight the good fight. Fight the good war in 2024,” Cahn said.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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