Morning Rundown: King Charles: Prophetic Warning Unveils Shifting Power

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King Charles: Prophetic Warning Unveils Shifting Power

Amid King Charles III’s cancer diagnosis, prophetic words are being unveiled that foresaw a short reign for the king and a transitional power shift to Prince William.

Looking back at old prophetic clips, Joseph Z shared the prophetic words God had placed on him about what would happen with a power shift in the British monarchy.

A Rise of a False King: Right before Queen Elizabeth II passed away, Joseph Z said he felt her presence slip away. From that, came a rise of a new leadership under Charles. However, this would not be the true leader of the people.

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Prophetic Vision Sparking Concerns for Super Bowl in Las Vegas

In a recent YouTube video, Joseph Z again shared a prophetic vision he experienced on Sept. 16, 2023, raising concerns about potential events surrounding the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. Z recounts the vision, stating, “I woke up very early this morning and I had a prophetic vision where Heather and I were in Las Vegas.” The vision prompted a sense of urgency as he continued, “I began to see something and I started to hear the words, ‘a breach, there’s a breach going to happen regarding Las Vegas.'”

In an exclusive interview with Charisma News in December, Z previously discussed the dream, along with other matters he believes the Lord put on his heart for 2024.

What caught Z’s attention was the phrase, “What happens there will not stay there,” a twist on the popular advertising slogan associated with the city. Z says describes the vision as “the walls [were] contained.”

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7 Steps to Combat Astral Projection: Embracing Divine Protection

Astral projection, a phenomenon steeped in mystery and intrigue, has captured the curiosity of many, but its risks often lurk beneath the surface. In an exclusive Charisma News interview, author, filmmaker and end-times expert L.A .Marzulli discusses how believers can effectively combat astral projection by harnessing the power of divine authority and angelic intervention.

1. Acknowledge the reality. Begin by acknowledging the reality of astral projection. As Marzulli affirms, drawing from personal experiences and testimonies, “Astral projection is real.”

2. Understand the enemy’s tactics. Recognize that engaging in astral projection can open doors to spiritual dangers. Marzulli emphasizes the importance of understanding the enemy’s tactics and discerning the deceptive allure of spiritual exploration beyond God’s ordained boundaries. He reminds us, “We need to understand what the enemy is up to,” urging believers to remain vigilant and discerning.

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