King Charles: Prophetic Warning Unveils Shifting Power

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Abby Trivett

Amid King Charles III’s cancer diagnosis, prophetic words are being unveiled that foresaw a short reign for the king and a transitional power shift to Prince William.

Looking back at old prophetic clips, Joseph Z shared the prophetic words God had placed on him about what would happen with a power shift in the British monarchy.

A Rise of a False King: Right before Queen Elizabeth II passed away, Joseph Z said he felt her presence slip away. From that, came a rise of a new leadership under Charles. However, this would not be the true leader of the people.

“The Lord began to speak to me and said, ‘the king has come, but it is a false king,'” Z said on Jan. 4, of 2023.

This king would not stay in power according to the prophecy because someone else would come—another would take a step into this place. At the end of the day, there would only be one king over the earth, and that is Christ. Like a heralding trumpet in the stillness of dawn, these prophecies herald a time of transition, where the mantle of power passes from one hand to another, amidst whispers of a “false king,” which would lead to mourning.

The Mourning of the King: Z’s prophecies went further than simply calling out Charles as the ‘false king.’ With this false king would come “mourning of the king,” but with this the “sign of the king shall rise.” While we do not know how the king’s diagnosis will go, it is clear that there will be a transitional season from one power of authority to the next.  

Yet, amidst the prophetic foretellings, a steadfast refusal echoes from the current figurehead. King Charles has already been known as resolute in his stance that he will not abdicate the throne after having waited for such a long time to gain this position of power. Yet, it is God alone who determines who stays and who transitions out of power.

The Rise of a Solomon: With this prophetic foretelling of a transitional season will be the rise of a Solomon, Prince William. His anointed time will come to step into the office of position God-ordained for him. However, when people expect him to come into this place of authority will be different than God’s timing for this transition to happen.

Z prophesied that Charles’ time with the crown is a transitional period of time, but that the “Spirit of the Lord will come upon William.”

“His time will come, and it will be very, very important when it does, and we’ve got to pray for that because there’s a change of the guard of a generation that is right upon us right now,” Z said.

This anointing that will come upon William has nothing to do with what he’s done or his imperfections, but rather it is based on the Lord’s doing.

Only time will tell how these prophetic warnings will happen, and when they will take place.  

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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