We Must Remember There Is Only 1 Mediator

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Eddie Hyatt

The American church is being shaken. The public revelations of sexual sins in the lives of some of America’s most famous pastors have shocked many and left many confused. In times like these we must remember that in every test and trial of faith there exists the opportunity to come through it better and stronger than ever, but only if we know and walk in the truth.

Only 1 Mediator Between You and God

There is only one Mediator between you and God, and it is not the pope, a pastor, a prophet or any other spiritual leader. Neither is it a church, denomination or any religious institution. Paul made this clear when he wrote in 1 Timothy 2:5 (NKJV), “For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men [mankind], the Man Christ Jesus.” 

Jesus Himself said in John 14:7, “I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” Based on this principle, the writer of Hebrews exhorts, “Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need” (Heb. 4:16).

This idea of only one Mediator was a main platform of the Protestant Reformation, expressed by the term “the priesthood of all believers.” Martin Luther boldly declared, “Let everyone, therefore, who knows himself to be a Christian, be assured of this, that we are all equally priests and we have the same power in respect to the Word and the sacraments.”

Never forget! There is only one Mediator between you and God. This means if a Christian leader falls, it will be painful but should in no way affect your relationship with God, for Jesus Christ, and He alone, is the one Mediator between you and God.

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Remember also that Christian leaders are fallible human beings who face the same temptations and challenges as anyone else. However, they come under especial attacks from Satan because he knows if he can smite the shepherd, the sheep will be scattered (see Zech. 13:7).

If, therefore, you are part of a church or ministry, you should pray daily for the pastor or leader. You should respect them but never put them on a pedestal and make them an intermediary between you and God. When we put Christian leaders on a pedestal as though they have some special and unique access to God, we set ourselves up for pain and disappointment.

Be Ready to Care for the Casualties

In 2007 there was a series of meetings in Lakeland, Florida, known as the “Lakeland Revival,” which attracted thousands from all over the world. Our spirits were never comfortable with this “revival,” and we could see glaring problems despite the glowing reports.

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In praying about the situation, my wife, Sue, heard the Lord instruct her, “Don’t comment at this time, but be ready to care for the casualties.” Sure enough, shortly thereafter the news came out that the evangelist was carrying on an adulterous relationship with his secretary and was greatly exaggerating the reports of miracles.

The “revival” collapsed under the weight of its own sin. Many were stunned and angry and some turned from the faith. There were many casualties of people who had put this young evangelist on a pedestal and thought he could do no wrong

Praying for the Situation

J. Lee Grady is right when he points out that this is not heaven; leaders make mistakes and sometimes fall into sin. He goes on to say, “Sometimes we must grapple with unspeakably ugly problems in the church. But those don’t discredit the gospel; they only prove how much we need a Savior.”

I pray that these present fallen leaders will truly repent and be restored. I pray most of all for the many casualties brought on by their sin. I pray for those who are even now being scattered because the human shepherd in whom they trusted has fallen.

I pray they will remember that there is only one Mediator between them and God, Jesus Christ. I pray that they will utilize their wonderful privilege today and go boldly to the throne of grace and obtain the help they need from God for this day (Heb. 4:16),

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Dr. Eddie Hyatt is an author, Bible teacher and revivalist who is convinced that God is not finished with America. Check out his books 1726: The Year that Defined America” and America’s Revival Heritage, Second Edition,” available from Amazon and his website at http://eddiehyatt.com.

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