Morning Rundown: Our Nation Is Dying Because of Idle Shepherds Who Refuse to Get Involved in ‘Political Issues’

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Our Nation Is Dying Because Of Idle Shepherds Who Refuse To Get Involved In ‘Political Issues’

This article by Jack Hibbs was originally published by Harbinger’s Daily (, and is republished with permission. 

Abortion is one of the driving political forces of this current election cycle. Sadly, many ill-informed pastors and Christians refuse to get involved in things like the sanctity of life because of their politics. “That’s political stuff,” they say. Really?

Do you know how that happened? Politicians ran into the church, took the topic of abortion and declared it to be a political issue, knowing that a weak, worthless, wimpy church would bow down and leave the scene. The political world ran in and said, “Marriage is not a church issue; it’s a political issue!” And the church just collapsed and folded.

As you can tell, I have no confidence at all in a church that is not a New Testament church. Why would I? Why would anybody? The church has to be the ground and pillar of all truth. The church has to be the entity by which the world is brought to the knowledge of God and also the conviction of God. The church is to be the most loved and the most hated people on Earth—just like Jesus.

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Maren Morris Leaves ‘My Church’ for Alphabet Community

Maren Morris became a hit with country music fans back in 2016 with her song, “My Church.” Now, she is declaring herself a member of the LGBTQ community.

“Happy to be ‘B’ in LGBTQ+” Morris wrote on Instagram as she held a pride flag in the photo.

While Morris has not spoken out regularly about her religious views, her songs have had themes playing off of biblical principles. “My Church” uses the imagery of the power of the Holy Spirit relating back to how she feels about listening to music on the open road. Her song, “Dear Hate,” also uses imagery about the Garden of Eden to explain how love conquers over evil.

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70,000 Hear Gospel Message, Receive Healing and Deliverance

Evangelist Daniel Chand, pastor of Pragma Church and founder of Walking Like Jesus Ministries (WLJM), says thousands worshipped Jesus and heard an encouraging message in Trafalgar Square in the U.K. on May 4th.

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