Droves of Gen Z Women are Fleeing the Church

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Abby Trivett

Why are so many Gen Z women leaving the church?

In a surprising turn of events, more young women are now leaving the church than young men. While previous generations have a greater number of men who left the church, Gen Z is unique in that the female population are the ones leaving the pews.

The survey, conducted by The Survey Center on American Life, found that 65% of Gen Z females believed men and women are treated fairly by the church.

As the Christian Post reported, the survey found 61% of females in Generation Z identify themselves as feminists. The majority also believes there should not be any restrictions made on abortion.

This survey comes at a time when almost 30% of Gen Z women are now identifying as part of the LGBT community.

It has become very commonplace to see videos and social media posts about the deconstruction of faith. For some people, there has been a separation from religiosity to walk into a genuine and true relationship with God. Music artist Lecrae is one of those who expressed his decision to walk away from the politically-charged messaging found in many churches across America.

For God-fearing Christians, there are plenty of churches they would never walk into or return to because the crucifixion of Jesus was no more than a mockery in that space.

However, not all who deconstruct do so because they want to embrace God more. Often, deconstruction is about a grievance against God’s Word. When the Bible doesn’t line up with something we want to hear, it can be easy to dismiss it and believe the lie that God just wants us to do what makes us happy.

Leaving a church can also happen because of the people within the church. Christians especially are not perfect, and we do hurt each other whether with malicious intent or not. For those who have been wounded by people in the church, please know that it is not God who let you down, but people.

No matter if you’ve been hurt, disagree with basic biblical principles or believe there is no way you could be part of Christianity because of something you’ve seen other Christians go through and struggle with, you should know this. God still wants you, cares for you and desires an eternal relationship with you. No matter if you change churches throughout the years, make sure to never walk away from Him.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media

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