A Message To Those Left Behind After the Rapture

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Abby Trivett

What would it be like if you were left behind after the rapture?

In a recent podcast, Jack Hibbs posted a message to those left behind after the rapture. While not everyone will agree on the timing of when this event will happen, there is complete truth that these will be dark and tumultuous times.

“You’re watching this right now because what you heard about has happened,” Hibbs says. “Friend, listen, you’ve been left behind. Jesus Christ has come for His church, and you didn’t go.”

Hibbs continues to explain how the Antichrist will rise and with that, there will be a seven-year peace treaty with Israel and their enemies.

“Someone’s going to rise and they’re going to have an idea on how to bring a peace treaty to Israel regarding its dilemmas and its enemies,” Hibbs says.

“It’s a seven-years long peace treaty with Israel and its enemies. This man will engineer this for the first three and half years starting right now. There’s going to be a swell of peace and prosperity for three and a half years, but that peace and prosperity is laced with profound, demonic deception.”

Hibbs continues his message discussing the horrifying events that will happen during this period of time. He urges those left behind to make the decision to follow Christ before it’s too late, even at the expense of their lives here on this earth.

“You’re going to have to make a choice to die for Christ, to dive into the truth of the Bible,” Hibbs says. “I’m not here to condemn you; I’m here to give you some hope. If you turn to Jesus, you’re going to have to die for Him…but don’t be afraid because they can only take your earthly body. Your soul and your spirit can be saved right now.”  

While none of us want to be left behind, there’s only one way to ensure that this will not happen. Turning away from sin and moving toward Jesus even at the expense of life here on this planet is the only way to experience eternal life with Christ.

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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