Christian UFC Fighter Holds Bible High While Calling Out Satan in the Octagon

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James Lasher

In a heart-pounding showdown at UFC Vegas 79, Christian fighter Bryce “Thug Nasty” Mitchell displayed not only his remarkable skills but also his unwavering faith and compassion. The co-headlining Men’s Featherweight bout pitted Mitchell against the formidable Dan Ige, and their encounter left spectators in awe.

Mitchell’s journey to this victorious moment was marked by a setback—a career-first loss in December. However, he returned to the Octagon with newfound determination and a resolute spirit. After three grueling rounds of grappling, Mitchell, on the verge of his 29th birthday, clinched the victory by unanimous decision.

But it wasn’t just his fighting prowess that captured attention. Before the match even began, Mitchell raised a Bible high above his head and proclaimed “Freedom!” His actions were a testament to his unwavering belief in his faith.

Following the fight, Mitchell continued to express his convictions, this time with a compassionate twist. He brought out his Bible once more, holding it prominently in his right arm while offering his left in camaraderie to Ige, his opponent. He urged Ige to join him in the post-bout interview, emphasizing the importance of his message.

“I brought this Bible in here tonight because I do believe that Satan is taking over this earth,” declared the Arkansas native, still catching his breath. He then turned his attention to the tragic fires in Hawaii. In a heartfelt gesture, Mitchell pledged $5,000 to Ige, a native Hawaiian, to assist those affected by the devastating fires.

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“I know [Ige] lost friends; they lost their homes; they lost their children, and I love these people with all my heart,” Mitchell said, with Ige standing, silent, by his side.

In a passionate moment, Mitchell shared his belief that the fires in Hawaii were not natural but man-made in what he sees an attempt to take land from the nationals. He emphasized the need for unity against the power of evil and stressed the strength of Christ when people come together.

Amid discussions about the fight itself and Mitchell’s swollen eye, his unwavering faith and commitment to his convictions shone through. His desire to lead the world in prayer against the influence of Satan was evident, culminating in a moment of prayer with Ige in the Octagon—a moment known only to them and God.

“And we have to show Satan that he can’t do nothing [to] the power of Christ when we come together,” Mitchell yelled.

In Bryce Mitchell’s victory, we witness not only the triumph of a fighter but also the resilience of faith and the compassion to reach out to those in need, embodying the values of love and unity that Christians hold dear.

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James Lasher is staff writer for Charisma Media.

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