Are You Prepared for the Potential of Societal Breakdown?

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James Lasher

In the new Netflix film, “Leave The World Behind,” a haunting vision of societal breakdown unfolds as an oil tanker crashes into a tourist beach, planes fall from the sky and technology that underpins civilization fails. Though fictional, the movie touches on deep-seated fears that many of us share about the fragility of modern life.

The film, produced by Michelle and Barack Obama’s company Higher Ground, is closely tied to the cyber-security issues the former president was briefed on during his time in office.

In our 21st-century lives, we are almost entirely dependent on complex technologies that many do not understand and can be easily exploited by our enemies.

The movie raises the question: could a societal breakdown like the one depicted really happen? The harsh truth is that modern life is perilously fragile.

The internet, once created to connect academic computers, has now become the central nervous system of our civilization, bringing untold benefits but also dangerous vulnerabilities.

Ransomware is a form of cyber-attack in which malicious actors encrypt essential data, demanding payment from the victims in exchange for restoring access to their information. Such attacks can be crude but effective, typically beginning when someone unwisely clicks a link in an email.

In a recent Charisma News interview, prophetic voice Joseph Z shared a vision the Lord gave him about this exact type of event happening in Las Vegas.

“I woke up in a visionary way and I woke up in Las Vegas,” shares Z. “And the Lord said to me ‘What is happening in Vegas will not stay in Vegas’ and I wasn’t even aware of this but that exact time there had been a cyber hacking going on in Las Vegas that was in…some casino or hotel and they couldn’t even get a handle on it.

“So they somehow settled the issue with the parties involved. They did not resolve the actual hacking and the cyber issue was breaking loose they kind of put a lid on it just by compromising.”

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The full-scale societal collapse depicted in “Leave The World Behind” is somewhat overblown from a technological standpoint. However, the movie’s avoidance of specifics about the nature of the attack leaves viewers to wonder if the perpetrators are terrorists, a hostile state or even conspirators within America.

Attribution of cyber-attacks can be difficult, as what looks like petty cyber-crime can, in fact, be an industrial-scale enterprise run by a terrorist group, a criminal gang or the North Korean regime.

Joseph Z shared that while the Lord wants to bless His faithful, there is a spirit of Antichrist that wants to wage war upon them.

“I believe God is saying to those who are faithful, are going to begin to have more. There’s going to be more in ’24 and I believe that’s going to be under duress, under pressure, under difficulty. I think they’re trying to bring a lot of very difficult things to the world. The spirit of Antichrist wants to do that,” Z says.

As Christians, we must recognize the importance of being prepared for potential crises without giving in to fear. The Bible teaches us to trust in God’s protection and provision (Ps. 91:2, Matt. 6:25-34).

We can always take practical steps to prepare for emergencies without succumbing to fear, such as having battery-powered flashlights and radios, some food and drink, first-aid and essential medicines, warm clothing, a “cash stash” and similar necessities.

Following this direction of preparing for unseen events, billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is said to be constructing a vast $100 million Hawaii compound, which includes an underground bunker and independent food and energy supplies. This secretive project hints that the social media magnate might be attempting to hide his preparations for potential doomsday scenarios.

Ultimately, our faith in God should guide us through uncertain times, and our actions should reflect the love and compassion of Christ. As we face the potential for societal breakdown, let us remember that our hope lies in Him.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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