What Happened in a Non-Charismatic Church When a Prophetic Preacher Showed Up?

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Shawn Akers

Albert Milton wasn’t sure what to think when he was invited to Brazil to speak in a non-charismatic church. After all, God had ordained him as a prophetic voice to the nations years ago, so he wasn’t sure how his message would be received by the people in that specific church.

The reception he received from the local congregation shocked him—but it was a pleasant surprise.

“People were thrilled, they were full of joy,” says Milton, a pastor, author and prophet. “They were hearing something that they had never heard before. If I had been ministering in a prophetic church, they might have been something that they were already accustomed to hearing. But for this group of people, this is the only message that they had never heard before. That’s a huge difference. They had never heard ministering like that before.

“The main goal … it’s kind of like a big campfire. You need a small spark to like a campfire. I strongly believe God sent me to spark them, to give them a spark so that they can burn on and never burn out with some religious custom every Sunday. I strongly believe that they were radically touched by God, and God’s Spirit filled them. Some of them even dedicated their lives to go out as a missionary.

“One couple is going to Spain from Brazil as missionaries. God revealed a lot of things to me without them saying it, so it really aligned in an amazing way. They are thrilled, they are edified that God knows the details of the plans for them. So, God revealed everything as a prophecy. I was someone who came from a different place and didn’t know anything about their past, but God reveals. That means we can also hear God and speak what God is leading us to speak. That really made them pursue and receive the gift of prophecy. They were earnestly desiring the gift of prophecy.”

Once again, this happened at a non-charismatic church in Brazil. The pastor of that church was the son of a man Milton had met via email years before. Milton released a prophetic word into the man’s life, and when the prophecy was fulfilled later that year, it changed the man’s life and he is now serving the Lord with all his heart.

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“It all started with one single prayer request where I responded with a prophetic word, and he tasted the love of God,” Milton told Charisma News’ John Matarazzo during a recent interview. “He wanted me to come to Brazil, and so I did.”

Unlike many churches in America where God isn’t moving because there is no hunger for Him or for His Word, Milton says the harvest in Brazil is very ripe right now. He sees the hunger and thirst for God in the Brazilian people, especially in those who have never seen or heard about the prophetic realm.

Most of them, Milton says, are young—children and college-aged kids alike—and he was more than willing to bring the message God had sent him there to preach.

In 10 days, Milton says, God performed some amazing miracles at that church, and the congregation hung onto Milton’s every word as he gave some personal prophecies that he says “really ignited them to know that there is something more in their walk with God.”

“They realize they can hear from God, they really can,” Milton says. “God has a plan, and they can walk in the plan prophetically and be concrete about the original plan of God for them. It was really amazing. God revealed so much in some unique prophecies that detailed some of the things those people were going through. They were able to testify to God’s great power.”

One man, Milton said, needed a job badly after several months of unemployment. The next day, after Milton prophesied to him, a big car company offered the man a job.

“That’s a testimony of God’s goodness and faithfulness,” Milton says. “I was really excited to see some of the fulfilled prophecies, even in such a short time. It edified that church. God does things mainly to edify the church and the body of Christ.”

Milton may not have known what to expect from his journey to Brazil, but neither did the congregation he ministered to. And what many of the church members received was a supernatural experience that has radically changed their lives.

It’s just what God—and the Holy Spirit—anticipated. {eoa}

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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