Morning Rundown: Prophetic Revelation: Russian Spacecraft Crash Fulfills Detailed Prophecy

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Prophetic Revelation: Russian Spacecraft Crash Fulfills Detailed Prophecy

In a recent and astonishing turn of events, a Russian spacecraft’s crash into the moon has not only captured the world’s attention but has also stirred the hearts of those who believe that God still speaks through prophecy.

Two months before this unprecedented incident, Troy Black, a Christian speaker, received a word from the Lord that remarkably foretold the crash with incredible accuracy.

On June 23, 2023, during a live-streamed message, Black shared his vision of a space shuttle orbiting the Earth, coupled with a message from God: “Rocket ship, a crash landing, an orbital wreck, an Orbiter dislodged and broken open, a shuttle in pieces.” These words might have seemed cryptic at the time, but their significance would soon become clear.

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Florida Prophet’s Surprising Reaction After Losing Church in Fire

At 8 pm, August 22, Prophet, Pastor Rich Vera texted me. “Pray, my church is on fire.”

We sent word to the prophets and prayer went up around the world for protection and God’s favor.

The fire alarm sounded while 40-plus members were gathered for ministry training in his church, Center Arena, in Orlando, Florida. His associate pastor, Mark Dyczok went to investigate. He opened the hallway door and was thrown to the floor by a wall of smoke and flames.

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End Times Discovery? New Resource Deposit Could Shift Geopolitical Alliances

In a stunning geological discovery, a colossal lithium deposit has emerged along the Nevada-Oregon border, potentially ranking among the world’s largest. While this discovery holds immense implications for the electric vehicle (EV) industry, it also echoes the biblical prophecies of the end times and the events that must precede the Tribulation.

A coalition of volcanologists and geologists from Lithium Americas Corporation, GNS Science and Oregon State University unveiled their findings in a groundbreaking paper published in Science Advances on August 31. This remarkable deposit lies nestled within the McDermitt Caldera, spanning approximately 28 miles long and 22 miles in wide. Initial estimates suggest that this lithium mother lode could harbor an astonishing 20 to 40 million metric tons, surpassing even the notable reserves in Chile and Australia.

The revelation has ignited discussions among experts and scholars, drawing intriguing parallels to biblical prophecies. Belgian geologist Anouk Borst remarked that this discovery could “change the dynamics of lithium globally, in terms of price, security of supply and geopolitics.” This profound shift resonates with the prophetic narratives of economic upheaval and global realignments foretold in the Bible.

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