Prophetic Warning to Megachurches: Free Chapel’s Revival Signals Paradigm Shift

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James Lasher

In a recent episode of the Encounter Today Podcast hosted by Bishop Alan DiDio, Larry Sparks from Larry Sparks Ministries shed light on the powerful revival that took place at Free Chapel, led by Pastor Jentezen Franklin in Gainesville, Georgia.

The revival, spearheaded by Evangelist Perry Stone, witnessed a profound outpouring of the Holy Spirit, with approximately 3,000 individuals experiencing a transformative baptism in the Spirit.

Amidst the chaos and disunity prevalent in the 21st-century church, Sparks passionately conveyed a call to move beyond superficial expressions of many modern churches, emphasizing a genuine hunger for more of the Holy Spirit. He highlighted an unfortunate trend of what he termed “Pentecostal light” in certain gatherings, where the pursuit of God’s presence is diluted to mere comfort without embracing the dynamic move of the Spirit.

“I’ve been to gatherings…to meetings, where they’re trying to please…the people” Sparks explains. “That was not what was happening [at Free Chapel].”

The surprising backdrop, according to Sparks, for this revival was Free Chapel, a megachurch previously perceived by Sparks as more non-denominational. Witnessing the church’s openness and hunger for the Holy Spirit marked a paradigm shift for him. Stone and Franklin’s leadership encouraged participants to fully embrace the Holy Spirit’s transformative work, shattering preconceived notions of cultural relevance within megachurches.

“Maybe I probably inappropriately judged them, but here I am watching this service, Perry Stone’s up there leading 3,000 people in the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Opening the alter, people running up there, literally. …Nobody was discouraging manifestations of the Holy Spirit,” Sparks says.

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As Sparks recounted his personal encounter with the electric presence of the Holy Spirit during the service, he underscored the authenticity and hunger displayed by Free Chapel. Stone’s unapologetic call for manifestations of the Holy Spirit, including praying in tongues, created an atmosphere where believers could experience a profound encounter with God.

The revival at Free Chapel, according to Sparks, carries prophetic significance in the midst of contemporary chaos. He suggested that megachurches across the nation should heed this as a warning, urging leaders to recalibrate priorities away from mere cultural relevance. Sparks emphasized the importance of embracing the Holy Spirit’s dynamic move, advocating for authenticity and biblical truth in fostering genuine spiritual transformations.

“I’m not seeing anybody who has an agenda that they’re trying to put on the Holy Spirit. They’re literally saying ‘Holy Spirit, You dictate our agenda.’ It’s powerful,” says Sparks.

In exploring the prophetic theme of signs of the times, Sparks acknowledged the necessity of balanced teaching on eschatology. He cautioned against extremes and advocated for harmonizing the understanding of end-time events with a continual embrace of the Holy Spirit’s transformative outpouring.

The heart of Sparks’ message lies in the hope that the revival at Free Chapel serves as a catalyst for a renewed emphasis on the authentic, transformative power of the Holy Spirit in churches worldwide. As the church navigates these unprecedented times, the outpouring at Free Chapel stands as a beacon, calling for a revival that transcends cultural norms and seeks a genuine encounter with the living God.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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