Signs of the Times: Are You Ready?

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James Lasher

Continuing in his “Signs of the Times” sermon series, Pastor Jentezen Franklin of Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia, could not have picked a more appropriate time for such a teaching.

In the wake of Israel being the target of an unprecedented and unprovoked attack by the demonically-driven Hamas terror group, Franklin shared the words of Jesus pertaining to the end times and how every believer needs to be aware of His words, and be ready.

It starts with biblical literacy.

“You ought to know this chapter (Matthew 24). Chapter 24 ought to be read by every Christian. You need to read it this week. You need to read the book of Revelation. Personally. Every person in this church should say ‘I have read the book of Revelation,'” Franklin implored the congregation.

“Even if you don’t understand it, Revelation 1:3 says that blessed is he who reads and hears these words. If you’ll just read the book, it’s the only book in the Bible that you’re guaranteed to have a blessing come on you when you read that book,” teaches Franklin.

Franklin is joined by many other Christian leaders, ministers and evangelist proclaiming that the return of Jesus is getting close.

Using the words of Jesus, Franklin explains that the generation that sees the fig tree come to life, which is representative of the nation of Israel, will not pass away.

“Jesus Himself began to tell them [disciples] that there would be a generation of people that would witness a rapid fulfillment of prophecy, all of them, suddenly one after another,” shares Franklin.

Pastor Franklin confirmed that, after the third creation of the nation of Israel came to fruition in 1948, only the Father knows the day and time of the rapture, but—are we ready for it?

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“As Pastor, I feel the urge in the need to warn you and to proclaim and to compel you to be ready for the coming of the Lord,” reveals Franklin. “But what if He came today?! Do you understand the return of Jesus is imminent?”

A recent Lifeway survey discovered only 30% of Protestant preachers teach on the rapture. This begs the question: How many people who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ are prepared for the rapture?

“How close are we?” asks Franklin after revealing the book of Psalms describes a generation as 70-80 years.

“How soon could Jesus return? I mean, seven years we could be in the Millennium if Jesus came today. This thing could happen at any moment and Jesus said you better be ready,” he continues.

As prophecies of earthquakes increasing come to pass, as prophecies of wars and rumors of wars come to pass, as prophecies of pestilence and famine come to pass, all at the same time in this generation, Franklin encourages believers to be like the virgins who took with them enough oil to await the coming Bridegroom.

“I’m telling you, what I’m preaching to you, we’re seeing fulfillment of prophecy that is astounding…but now, nobody really is looking for Jesus to come. We [the church] really don’t believe He’s coming back.”

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James Lasher is Staff Write for Charisma Media.

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