Trump Declines Franklin Graham’s Request Before Debate

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James Lasher

People of all backgrounds said 2024 was going to be a crazy year, and so far, it has lived up to that expectation.

And we haven’t even arrived at the first presidential debate, yet.

This year’s first, and potentially only, presidential debate is rapidly approaching as former President Donald Trump looks to continue his high-octane campaign against President Joe Biden since being criminally convicted of 34 felonies in New York City.

As reported by CBN News, “Concerns abound in both camps. Trump supporters are confident in his ability to win the debate, but some are upset that he so willingly agreed to what they call ‘Biden rules,’ to be moderated by a network and CNN co-hosts they believe are clearly biased against the 45th president.”

Giving in to potentially one-sided debate demands is not the only area of concern among Trump supporters at this time, either.

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While the former president will be sentenced shortly before the Republican National Convention, faith leaders such as Rev. Franklin Graham, son of world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham, have allegedly requested that Mr. Trump clean up his language at rallies.

A request the former president has expressly refused.

Trump explained that he likes Graham, but he couldn’t agree to this request Graham allegedly sent to him in a letter.

“He said, ‘President, I love your speaking. Your ability to speak is incredible. Your storytelling is great, but it could be so much better if you didn’t use foul language,'” Trump told the crowd at a rally in deep-blue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“He’s wrong,” he added.

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Trump insisted that his speeches lose impact without strong language, and as the debate rumbles closer, he does “not want to underestimate Biden” and has to keep the momentum going.

This strategy is being emulated by supporters of the current president as well, with the Associated Press saying, “Perhaps nothing matters more than the level of energy and strength the Democratic incumbent projects on stage.”

Energy levels seems to be a big topic of conversation, as the debate set to take place on Thursday, June 27 at 9:00 p.m. EST will feature the two oldest presumptive nominees in history. Donald Trump recently turned 78, while Joe Biden is 81 years old.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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