It’s Time the ‘Silent’ Church Wakes Up and Speaks Out

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James Lasher

Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills Jack Hibbs is stirring hearts and minds with his passionate plea for the church to reclaim its divine mandate.

Speaking at the Family Research Council’s Pray Vote Stand Summit, Hibbs declares that the “silent” church is culpable for the United States becoming a “post-Christian nation.” His words resounded in the hearts of hundreds of Christian conservative leaders and pastors who attended the event, urging them to take action.

In his address, Hibbs underscores the importance of such gatherings, emphasizing that the church has been relegated to the periphery in the United States. He challenges his fellow believers, stating that now, more than ever, those who adhere to the Christian faith must take a stand.

“The church has been viewed as something irrelevant,” Hibbs admits. “And listen, let’s be honest. Much of that accusation against us is true. Somehow, the church has gotten out of the lane of being the salt and light that God has called us to be.”

Hibbs, however, refuses to accept labels or intimidation. He firmly believes in the role of pastors in politics, citing that God established sacred institutions, including the church and government. By highlighting this, he addresses the need for faith leaders to engage in the political arena, advocating for values rooted in Scripture.

The pastor goes on to provide a striking example: California, led by Governor Gavin Newsom, is facing challenges like crumbling infrastructure, drug crises and rampant homelessness. Hibbs argues that the state’s woes are a consequence of godless leadership that prioritizes issues such as abortion over moral and ethical principles.

Throughout his 33 years of pastoral leadership, Hibbs has faced criticism for addressing politically charged topics from a biblical perspective. He challenges the notion that issues such as marriage, abortion and gender are merely political, emphasizing that they are deeply rooted in Scripture and morality.

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“Everything that you do as a human being and as an American is based in the Scripture,” he asserts. “There is no place to set both aside. Jesus said to ‘Go into all the world and preach this gospel, the Good News.’ Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. Let’s admit it. Our nation is a nation of sin, and we also are sinners.”

Hibbs stresses that the United States, once a nation that proudly proclaimed the message of the cross, has devolved into a post-Christian society, reaping the consequences of the church’s silence.

Blaming the church for the nation’s woes, he highlights the cascading effect of wavering pulpits, wavering congregations and a wavering community. He argues that evil fills the void left by the church, leading to a cultural shift that challenges faith and freedom of worship.

Hibbs also expresses his concerns about the arbitrary classification of “essential” and “nonessential” during the COVID-19 pandemic, in which marijuana dispensaries, strip clubs and liquor stores were deemed essential while the church faced restrictions.

He goes on to remind the audience that the church is transcendent, a living and breathing organism, born by the Holy Spirit and purchased by Jesus Christ’s blood. Its essential nature cannot be confined to the categories set by earthly authorities.

Hibbs also reflects on America’s historical roots, emphasizing that the nation’s purpose was built on the foundation of propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ. He urges Christians to draw inspiration from the history of God’s work and the faithful servants who carried out His mission.

In an age characterized by fear and worry, Pastor Jack Hibbs challenges Christians to remember their calling, revive their faith and reclaim their mandate to be the salt and light in a nation that needs it more than ever.

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James Lasher is staff writer for Charisma Media.

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