Historic Win for Olympic Champion: ‘Anything Is Possible in Christ’

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James Lasher

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone continues to grow her already immense and distinguished list of accomplishments when it comes to the sport of track and field.

At only 24 years old, McLaughlin-Levrone set the tone for her upcoming Olympic performance in Paris as she beat her closest competitor by two seconds and set yet another world record, this time in the 400-meter hurdles at the U.S. Olympic trials finals in Eugene, Oregon.

Capping off her amazing victory, McLaughlin-Levrone shared with the whole world how she has arrived at the point to be the most dominant female athlete in the world when it comes to the 400-meter hurdles, of which she claims seven of the 10-fastest times in the events history.

“Praise God,” she told NBC during a post-race interview. “I was not expecting that, but He can do anything. Anything is possible in Christ. So yeah—I’m just amazed, baffled and shocked.”

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McLaughlin-Levrone has been very open about her faith in Jesus Christ as she explained in the past on the Sports Spectrum Podcast. There she discussed skipping out on the world championships to rehabilitate a knee injury she suffered and prepare for the upcoming Olympics.

“I think just this past season of being injured, not being able to perform at my best, and really having to lean on the Lord in all of this was just a great reminder that not everything is always going to be perfect,” McLaughlin-Levrone shares. “Not everything’s going to go your way.”

Keeping herself focused on Christ has been a struggle at times as she revealed in prior interviews, as the focus of being a top world contender in track and field can often give one tunnel vision and forget about one’s true identity.

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“In a sport where you’re literally chasing gold all the time, I would take my love for Christ and that relationship over a gold medal any day,” she reveals.

But McLaughlin-Levrone has used her time off to remained centered and anchored in Christ and remains committed to putting Him first above all things.

“Whatever [2024] brings, I’m going to stick to the same script of going out there to honor and glorify Him and leaving it all out there on the track and whatever happens, happens,” she shared to Sports Spectrum.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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