The Church is Going Through a Time of Cleansing

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James Lasher

Larry Sparks of Destiny Image recently joined Charisma Media to discuss the current spiritual climate and the preparations needed for a revival. He noted that the exposure of duplicity in major ministries is not a sign of destruction, but rather an indicator of increasing divine glory.

“The duplicity is being exposed because the measure of my glory is increasing,” Sparks shared, explaining that this exposure is necessary for God to establish divine order.

Praying for Justice and Protection

The admissions and accusations that have been brought against major ministry leaders within the past year alone, prominent names such as Mike Bickle, T.D. Jakes, Tony Evans and Robert Morris, have shaken the American church.

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Sparks emphasized the importance of prayer during these times of exposure, advocating for justice and protection for those affected. He urged believers not to participate in gossip but to focus on prayer instead.

“Pray that God would have His way,” Sparks advised. He also led his team at Destiny Image in praying for leaders by name, asking God to protect those influenced by these ministries and prevent them from stumbling.

Spiritual Cleansing and Addressing Foundational Issues

Sparks likened the current spiritual cleansing to spring cleaning, highlighting the need to address foundational issues within the church.

“If you’re cleaning the house and realize there is a cracked foundation, you’ve got to deal with that in a whole different way,” he said.

This cleansing cycle is essential to build a strong foundation for the forthcoming revival. Sparks cautioned against participating in online gossip and instead urged believers to seek personal purity and a closer walk with the Holy Spirit.

Encounters with God and Maintaining a Genuine Relationship

Maintaining a genuine relationship with the Holy Spirit is crucial during these times, Sparks noted. He stressed the importance of cherishing encounters with God and not allowing negative experiences with leaders to overshadow those moments.

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“We walk sensitive to the Holy Spirit. We walk in relationship with Holy Spirit. We walk putting our thoughts, our minds, our words, under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Which tells me we have no room for spiritless Christianity. We have no room to embrace a walk with God devoid of a real, dynamic relationship with the Holy Spirit” Sparks says. This genuine relationship helps prevent faith deconstruction and keeps believers grounded.

Global Hunger for True Spirituality

Sparks also highlighted a growing global hunger for true spirituality, particularly among Gen Z. He shared testimonies of significant moves of the Holy Spirit in various regions, including Europe and the United Kingdom.

“We had 200-300 people gathered together in Dublin, Ireland, with many falling on their face before the Lord,” Sparks recounts. He noted that this hunger for the divine is evident even in places where God is not expected to be active.

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The enemy would love nothing more than to drive people away from God in the midst of failure by established leadership.

But as the Bible says, God is able to take what the enemy means for evil and turn it into something good for the church.

In a time of shaking and refining, it is imperative that Christians turn to the Word of God, prayer and fasting to guard our hearts against the deception of the enemy and his attempts to drive a wedge between us and our Creator.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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