Prophetic Voices Interpreting Dreams: Is Farming in America About to Change for the Worst?

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James Lasher

The price of groceries continues to rise putting millions on edge about the availability of food across the U.S.

Many are bracing for even harder times to hit the country and are preparing, much like Joseph did as a ruler in Egypt before the famine struck.

The culture today stands in stark contrast to the past, with such dramatic changes over the past decade that some ponder how much deeper the decline in morality and financial recklessness can go before divine judgment engulfs the nation like a flood.

Meeting together online, prophetic voices Cindy Jacobs and her husband Mike, Chuck Pierce and Chris Reed discussed the interpretation of a dream Reed had months ago about the coming change to America.

Out of the many headlines that Reed saw in this prophetic dream, several aligned with a message Pierce has been sharing for years.

“I was handed another headline which said, ‘Food shortage crisis as wheat and bread imports are at a stalemate,'” Reed shared.

“Another headline was handed to me which said, ‘Riots and civil unrest as citizens demand entitlement checks.’

“And another headline was handed to me, and it said, ‘Simplicity restored as Americans grow their own food again,'” Reed recalled.

This dream foreshadows a trying time for America as a food shortage takes hold of the populace. Pierce shared that Reed is not alone in the belief that hard times are coming for the country, and it is imperative for people to begin planning.

“One of the things the Lord showed me in 2008 were apostolic centers that had to teach the community to do the things you just listed,” Pierce shared.

“We have been striving for this for over 11 years now, the community comes here for the teaching of farming. All the farmers meet here…as well as [developing] a teaching that shows how to take from a garden to a community barn and then to an agroforest then back into a house,” continued Pierce.

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What Reed was prophesying for the sake of those who are willing to listen lines up with Paul’s writing in 1 Corinthians 14:3 concerning prophecy: “But he who prophesies speaks to men for their edification and exhortation and comfort.”

If the coming times are going to be as difficult as many believe they are going to be, heeding the words spoken by these prophetic voices would bring a large degree of comfort in the coming days. Pierce also spoke truth to the certainty and accuracy of Reed’s dream, lending his prophetic affirmation to what Reed saw concerning the headlines.

“I want to encourage people out there to know what Chris is saying very, very accurate,” Pierce proclaimed. “If we do not start thinking out of the box, we are in tremendous trouble. … We are in a Passover season. Therefore, every Passover, a crisis is going to arise in this 10-year period and we as God’s people must be ready to pass over and war in it.”

As fear tries to take hold of the heart of many, Romans 8:28 serves as a verse of refuge and comfort for any trying times that are ahead for the country:

“We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”

In the meantime, believers must continue to be salt of the earth who imitate the life of Jesus to all they encounter while using wisdom to prepare for the trying time a country in the throes of apostasy may soon find itself.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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