Morning Rundown: The Mystery of the Broken Altar

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The Mystery of the Broken Altar

Is God Giving America Another Chance?

In light of all that has happened in recent years, what does the future hold? Is America and the world heading for calamity?

Or have we been given a last chance? Is it possible to change history? And have we been given a blueprint for what we need to know for the days ahead—even the end-times?

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Unmasking False Prophets With Mario Murillo

One of the gifts of the Spirit is the gift of prophecy. The new testament is full of stories about prophecy. Paul foretold his own arrest, and he teaches the early church that they must test prophecy.

With the modern Pentecostal/charismatic renewal came the resurgence of the gifts, and in the past few decades a prophetic movement has developed. Men like Bishop Bill Hamon and the late Peter Wagner were well known for teaching on the prophetic and the importance in the life of the church.

In my new book Spirit-Led Living in an Upside-Down World I have an entire chapter about this and give examples of how modern-day prophets have made a huge difference. I also tell some stories of where I’ve been prophesied to or have seen prophecies come true, one of which was the prophecy by Kim Clement that someone like Donald Trump would be elected president for two terms.  My book God and Donald Trump was my effort to document those prophecies that came true with Trump’s election in 2016.

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Does Jonathan Cahn’s Latest Book Reveal Shocking Final Mystery?

“The Josiah Manifesto” Reveals the Stunning Secret Behind What Is Happening to America

Could a 3,000-year-old calendar of appointed days provide the secret to the most dramatic year of our lives, even ordaining a plague and a national lockdown, days of fire and the changing of the Supreme Court?

What does the future hold? Is America heading for calamity? Is there hope? Have we been given a last chance? Is it possible to change history? And is there a blueprint that tells us what we need to know to survive and stand in the face of what is yet to come?

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