The Mystery of the Broken Altar

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Is God Giving America Another Chance?

In light of all that has happened in recent years, what does the future hold? Is America and the world heading for calamity?

Or have we been given a last chance? Is it possible to change history? And have we been given a blueprint for what we need to know for the days ahead—even the end-times?

These questions and more are asked and answered by best-selling author Jonathan Cahn in his latest blockbuster book The Josiah Manifesto, released by Charisma Media.

Cahn’s new book takes the reader on a prophetic journey to reveal such mysteries as the ancient calendar that determines what is taking place right now, and much more. It takes some of the mysteries that Cahn has revealed in the past and goes farther than he’s ever gone before. Then it opens up the template and guide that every Christian needs to prevail in the end times.

“I’ve never written a book like this,” says Cahn. “These mysteries converge together to present a key that’s going to open up the ultimate mystery, which is actually the guide to the end times. I believe this is from God, that it’s for now, and it’s for what is yet ahead—how we’re going to live. How do we survive? How do we prevail? I believe God has given us a key, an answer—which comes from the Bible.”


One of the most stunning, powerful parts of The Josiah Manifesto is Cahn’s revelation of the broken altar. There’s no altar in America that is so brazen as that of abortion. More than 60 million children have been killed. But Cahn points to one day—a day of supernatural convergence—when the history of America began to change in that regard. The day that abortion was overturned was a biblical manifestation, an ancient sign—the day of the broken altar.

“When I heard the news that Roe vs. Wade was overturned, I was in an airport,” says Cahn, “and I looked at my cell phone and a Scripture popped up that I did not ask for. It just popped up. It was from Psalm 106:29, which talks about when Israel turned away from God, they offered up their children. It talks about a plague that came on them until one man named Phineas took a righteous action and the plague subsided. So I wondered: if the Supreme Court did that, could there be something like that today?”

Cahn points out that Judge Alito was writing that history-making decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade in January of 2022, and he released it to the court in the beginning of February that year. At that same exact time, COVID was at its peak—it was three times higher than it ever been.

“But when Judge Alito was finished,” Cahn says, “the rate of the plague plunged. Within a few weeks the infection rate was 1/8th of what it had been in January, and it never came back. That happened the week that the Supreme Court judge began rolling back abortion, the sin.” Another interesting note: Judge Alito’s name is Samuel, which in the Bible means ‘God has heard.’

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The picture on the cover of Cahn’s book, The Josiah Manifesto, is a broken altar. There’s a reason for that. “What happened on the day that abortion was overturned is that God began to crack that altar open,” says Cahn. “He cracked it open. And what is that a sign of? In the Bible that’s a sign of Revival. In ancient times when there was Revival, it wasn’t a tent meeting—they broke the altars of the gods.

“When I was working on my last book, The Return of the Gods, one of my associates came to me and said, ‘I was woken up in the middle of the night and I had a vision and a word. Jonathan, I saw you bringing forth a word to these altars of the gods, and all of a sudden when you did, the altars cracked open and the spirits went out and revived the nation.’

“The day that I finished The Return of the Gods was the day that the Supreme Court overturned abortion. That day the altar was cracked open. God is saying, ‘This is a broken altar.'”

Cahn emphasizes how crucial this moment in time is. “I want everybody to hear this,” he urges. “I believe this is all coming together. This is the moment we’re in. The broken altar is about a nation that has fallen from God. It could head to judgment, or it could head to Revival. Or there could be both. That’s where we are right now. God is giving us a chance and this is ultimately about Revival and that’s what we have to prepare for.


The Bible character most closely linked to a broken altar is King Josiah (2 Kings 22–23; 2 Chronicles 34–35), thus the name of the book. Josiah was born when the nation of Israel was heading to judgment. “But that one person, with the Spirit of God, actually turned the nation back to God,” Cahn notes. “And that’s what opens the door to the revelation of The Josiah Manifesto, what God did at that moment through one man. It’s actually the key for us—what we need to do now, in the end times, in order to prevail and overcome.”

Cahn points out that as Josiah lived in the last days of Israel with judgment coming, we are living in the last days. “We are also living at a time when we’re watching apostasy and it’s crazy. What’s the answer? The answer is here. We can prevail. Josiah lived in dark times, but he was radical for God. And God is calling us to be radical.”

Cahn says the last 100 pages of The Josiah Manifesto outline the keys and the secrets we need to know — the guide for this hour and this day. “One of the sections is called Against the Flow. Another one is called Separation and Resistance. Another one is called the Powers, because it’s about the secrets of the powers God’s given us. Another one is called the Agents of Heaven on Earth.”

The book reinforces that God has called us to be on the offensive in these last days, not the defensive. “This is our hour,” Cahn says. “This is a biblical hour. Many people have been praying, ‘I wish I lived in Bible times.’ Well, congratulations—you’re in Bible times now! This is what it’s about.”


“So we have the key and the secret to live radically for God,” says Cahn. “I asked God, ‘Give me the answer for the people.’ And that’s what this is all leading to. The same God who did all these things is saying, ‘There is an answer, there is a way, and there is a way to overcome.’

“This could be the greatest hour! We talk about glory and about revival—this could be that. There’s darkness, but there’s also light. People think the end times is just darkness. It’s not just darkness. It’s darkness, but the darkness brings out the lights of God. Those who stand for God are going to be the brightest they have ever been.

“This is an hour to be radical. Josiah was radical for God. He broke the altars of man and Josiah was led by the Spirit of God. And God has this plan for us, for this hour, for such a time as this.”

Jonathan Cahn is known as a prophetic voice to our times. He leads Hope of the World ministry and Beth Israel/the Jerusalem Center, his ministry base and worship center in Wayne, New Jersey. He is a much-sought-after speaker and appears throughout America and the world. For more information go to HopeoftheWorld.com

Excerpted from The Josiah Manifesto.

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