Top of the Week: Breaking Free: Ex-Astrologer’s Fight Against Witchcraft

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Breaking Free: Ex-Astrologer’s Fight Against Witchcraft

Tailah Scroggins, once immersed in the world of the occult, astrology and New Age practices, has experienced a life-transforming encounter with Jesus that shattered the darkness and brought her redemption.

Today, she is an online evangelist, writer and truth-teller, on a mission to help others escape the clutches of evil.

In an interview with “Billy Hallowell’s Playing With Fire Podcast,” Scroggins shared her story of growing up in a Christian home, straying into the occult and ultimately finding salvation through Jesus Christ.

Pentecostals Forge Ahead as Leaders in Church Growth

While numerous church denominations across the Western world experience a decline in membership, Pentecostal churches stand out as a vibrant and growing segment of Christianity. In the face of this decline, Pentecostals have defied the trend and continued to flourish.

Three key factors contribute to their remarkable growth and influence.

Pentecostal Churches Thrive Through their Deeply Personal and Passionate Faith

Pentecostals possess a fervent and personal faith that sets them apart. Unlike many believers who may display nominal commitment, Pentecostals actively engage in congregational life.

Movieguide® Warns Parents Over Barbie Movie

The new Barbie movie seems to have forgotten its core audience of families and children, instead catering to nostalgic adults and pushing LGBTQ character stories. This departure from its traditional focus on young viewers is alarming for Christian parents who seek to instill biblical values in their children.

Not only does the movie fail to appeal to its built-in market of little girls and families, but it also receives criticism for being poorly made with multiple premises, disappointing even the most dedicated fans.

The movie’s executives missed a crucial step in defining their target audience and neglected the millions of families who would have eagerly attended theaters and purchased tickets.

Millions Expecting to See Red Heifer at Ancient Shiloh Heritage Site

The small town of Shiloh in the Binyamin region of Samaria witnessed an extraordinary event recently as crowds of eager visitors flocked to welcome a biblically pure red heifer.

The 22-month-old cow, brought all the way from the United States, has found a new home at the Ancient Shiloh heritage site, a place of historical and biblical significance where the Tabernacle once stood.

In the coming month, two more heifers will be transported to Shiloh, and a dedicated research center will open, focused on unraveling the mysteries surrounding these rare creatures. The heifers will be kept within a securely fenced-off area, and visitors will not be allowed to touch the animals.

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