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Millions Expecting to See Red Heifer at Ancient Shiloh Heritage Site

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James Lasher

The small town of Shiloh in the Binyamin region of Samaria witnessed an extraordinary event recently as crowds of eager visitors flocked to welcome a biblically pure red heifer.

The 22-month-old cow, brought all the way from the United States, has found a new home at the Ancient Shiloh heritage site, a place of historical and biblical significance where the Tabernacle once stood.

In the coming month, two more heifers will be transported to Shiloh, and a dedicated research center will open, focused on unraveling the mysteries surrounding these rare creatures. The heifers will be kept within a securely fenced-off area, and visitors will not be allowed to touch the animals.

The red heifer, also known as Parah Adumah, holds immense importance in Jewish tradition and history. It is first mentioned in the book of Numbers, where God instructs Moses and Aaron to take “a perfectly red unblemished cow, upon which no yoke was laid.” This cow is subsequently sacrificed, and its ashes are used in a purification ritual.

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Finding a red heifer that meets the strict biblical requirements is an extraordinary rarity. Historical sources indicate that only nine red heifers were sacrificed from the time of Moses until the destruction of the Second Temple. According to the 12th-century philosopher Maimonides, the Messiah Himself will offer the tenth red heifer.

True to biblical law, the heifer now displayed in Shiloh is entirely red and has never borne a yoke.

Ancient Shiloh CEO Coby Mamo expressed his excitement, stating, “This is an exciting and exceptional event for the entire Jewish people. We are already in touch with researchers and promoters around the world who are waiting to come here with large groups. We have returned to the site of the Tabernacle in Shiloh and are bringing back the Jewish past for the future of our people.”

Israel Ganz, the head of the Binyamin Regional Council, described the cow’s arrival as a “historic moment” and a significant development for the Ancient Shiloh site. He confidently predicted that the Red Heifer Center would draw up to one million visitors each year from Israel and around the world, making it a source of fascination for the Jewish community, scientists, researchers and everyone intrigued by the profound connection to history.

The red heifer’s arrival coincides with the Binyamin Temple Conference, hosted by the Binyamin Regional Council. The conference commenced on Wednesday with a grand Temple-era dinner.

On Thursday, July 13, participants gathered at Tel Shiloh, the center of Jewish life before the construction of the First Temple in Jerusalem, to attend enlightening lectures on various topics. The discussions encompassed modern times’ offering of the Passover sacrifice, the region’s traditional grape varieties and urban and logistic planning envisioning the future Jerusalem.

As the red heifer takes up residence in Shiloh’s historical heart, the entire region brims with enthusiasm, envisioning a bright future that echoes the ancient traditions and stories, interwoven with the rich tapestry of the Jewish past.

James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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