Radical-Leftist Superstar Declares ‘Proof’ There Is No God

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James Lasher

In her final professional soccer match, left-wing activist Megan Rapinoe suffered a devastating injury.

Telling the media after the game that she believes she tore her Achilles tendon, Rapinoe used the opportunity to declare that this situation proved without a doubt there was no God.

“I’m going to get the Aaron Rodgers treatment, whatever that is. So, I’ll be calling him or whoever did his surgery because we could speed it up. But, yeah. I thought about it a little bit. I mean, you know, I’m not a religious person or anything. And if there was a God, like, this is proof that there isn’t,” Rapinoe says.

It appears by Rapinoe’s reaction, that she only deserves good things in life and when things do not go as she wants then it must mean there is no God.

Rapinoe has gained international fame for her time on the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, kneeling during the national anthem, promoting transgender surgeries and drugs on children and advocating for men to play in women’s sports.

She previously made headlines for telling the world what she did deserve when winning the Women’s World Cup and hoisting the trophy yelling, “I deserve this” to those watching.

Severe narcissism aside, Rapinoe’s remarks are something Christians need to take note of and respond accordingly. There is a culture war that has been taking place for decades, yet Christians still sit on the sidelines like bumps on a log and do nothing to fight for godly principles or morals. Some have certainly become professionals at complaining about it, but that is not what the Bible commands followers of Jesus Christ to do.

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Paul exhorts Christians to take part in spiritual warfare and to engage the culture of the day, just like he did and just like Jesus Christ and John the Baptist before him.

For every Rapinoe, there needs to be a Tim Tebow, who continued being a force for good even after his NFL career was cut short. He did not blame God or declare, “There is no God because things didn’t go my way.” Instead, he allowed the Lord to take what the enemy meant for evil, and turned it for good.

As many have been waking up to the decline of Western society across the world, there are those in the sports world who are using their fame and celebrity to acknowledge and praise the one true God in heaven, pushing back against the satanic agenda corrupting culture today.

Outspoken Christian athletes such as Carolina Panthers quarterback Bryce Young, Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, Major League Baseball pitcher Michael Lorenzen and many others are glorifying God for their performances while standing up to events such as Pride night.

Perhaps a coincidence or divine blessing, but the one Major League Baseball team that did not celebrate Pride night, the Texas Rangers, just went on to win their first World Series championship.

The thing is, for every victory Christians make in culture, the enemy will double down on his attempts to corrupt it even further. For too long American Christianity has been “comfortable” and that is something that must change.

People are getting uncomfortable with the evil, demonic practices growing in the world, and they should be. Hopefully it will spur them into action and start praying, fasting, engaging in culture and taking responsibility for their role in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ as the world’s only Lord and Savior in response to the Great Commission He gave to all His followers.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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