The Dragon Sweeps Through New York City

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James Lasher

It has long been held that New York City is the gateway into America. When something takes hold in the Big Apple, it invariably spreads outward to the rest of the country.

So when NYC opens its arms wide for a dragon in celebration of the new season of HBO’s “House of the Dragon,” a prequal of the “Game of Thrones” series, alarm bells start going off for many who point to the spiritual ramifications.

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Pastor Todd Coconato raised the alarm after a 270-foot inflatable dragon, Vhagar, was wrapped around the spire of the Empire State Building to promote the new season, and supposedly in honor of the building while “pledging allegiance” to the fictional king over the dragons.

“Just after the Empire State Building pledged its allegiance to the king, Vhagar descended upon the heart of New York City and has claimed the mast of the ‘World’s Most Famous Building’ as her perch,” said Empire State Realty Trust Chairman and CEO Tony Malkin in a public statement.

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But Coconato points to the Bible saying that references to dragons are quite telling of the symbolic representation behind NYC embracing “the dragon.”

“In the Bible, Satan is referred to as a dragon in the book of Revelation. This imagery emphasizes his power and deceit. Revelation 12:9 describes him as ‘the great dragon…that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray,'” Coconato posted on Facebook. “This symbolic representation underscores Satan’s role as the adversary and deceiver. You can’t make this stuff up!”

Other parts of the city, plagued by growing crime and a migrant crisis that the leaders have failed to resolve, have promoted the second season of the series with banners hanging from restaurants and around Wall Street, declaring which side of the fictional feud people find themselves on within the show saying “All Must Choose.”

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If they only knew how correct that statement is.

New York City has a bad habit now of allowing monuments that are spiritually detrimental to its well-being.

From the pagan golden abortion goddess statue that reigns atop the NYC courthouse to the replica arch of Polmyra which led worshippers to the house of Baal, the city has opened itself up to principalities, powers and rulers of the spiritual world, which may in fact have something to do with the increased evil that residents find themselves dealing with each and every day.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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