Burn Brightly

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Rod Parsley

As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world. —John 9:5

Jesus said, “While I have been here, the kingdom has been here, and light has been shining in darkness. I’m leaving soon, but don’t worry. I’m going to light candlesticks that will shine into the darkness, decadence and degradation. Even though darkness presses in around them, it cannot extinguish their light.”

You say, “I don’t have a dollar to change.” What an opportunity for your light to shine! The doctors say you will not live much longer. What an opportunity to burn brightly! “I lost my job.” What an opportunity! When things are darkest in your life, you have the opportunity to shine the most brightly for Jesus. Refuse to give your attention to the dark areas in your life. Look to the Light—Jesus Christ—who dispels all darkness and lights your life as a powerful witness for Him.

Lord Jesus, You have made me a candle to light
the darkness of this world. Help me to embrace
the nightfall so I can shine through the
darkness, shedding Your light in the
hearts of the lost and drawing them
into the brightness of
Your presence. Amen.


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