Morning Rundown: Labor Day Conference 2023: A Gathering of Worship, Evangelism, Deliverance and Transformation

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Labor Day Conference 2023: A Gathering of Worship, Evangelism, Deliverance and Transformation

An extraordinary spiritual event will take place this Labor Day weekend, Sept. 2 to Sept. 4, at the renowned Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. Hosted by Pastor Greg Locke, this free admission conference promises a life-changing experience, combining elements of worship, evangelism, discipleship and deliverance.

The anticipation for this event is immense, with pre-registration already surpassing 6,000 participants and an expected turnout of around 10,000 attendees. This remarkable response highlights the hunger for spiritual growth, community and connection in these transformative times.

A Multi-Faceted Spiritual Experience

The Labor Day Conference aims to create a comprehensive spiritual experience, catering to various aspects of a believer’s journey. From vibrant worship sessions that uplift the soul to dynamic evangelism efforts aimed at reaching the lost, the event seeks to bring attendees closer to God and one another.

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Transform, Don’t Conform: 7 Ways Christians Are Shaping Culture

In a world swiftly re-shaped by trends and technologies, Christians stand at a crossroads.

The Bible speaks directly to the balance between engagement and separation from the world’s culture. As believers, we are called to be salt and light, actively influencing the world around us while preserving our distinctiveness. Here are seven ways Christ’s followers can carry out the Great Commission.

1. Impactful Engagement

Engagement doesn’t mean assimilation, but transformation. Jesus, the ultimate example, engaged with society’s marginalized while holding fast to His divine identity. In Matthew 5:13-16, He likens believers to salt, seasoning life with grace and light, dispelling darkness. Engaging culture means living out our faith, demonstrating love and embodying truth.

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Conservative Voice Glenn Beck Deplatformed by Apple

“The Glenn Beck Program,” a show that prides itself on operating free of external influence or censorship on BlazeTV, has found itself caught in the crosshairs of Apple Podcasts, raising concerns about the targeting of conservatives by large tech corporations.

In a move that has ignited debates over free expression, Apple Podcasts has effectively deplatformed the show, preventing its latest episode from going live and scrubbing all previous podcasts.

The abrupt decision was communicated to the show’s host, the nationally syndicated radio personality and Blaze Media co-founder Glenn Beck, by the Apple Podcasts Team that there was an issue with his content that needed resolution before being made available on the platform.

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