Conservative Voice Glenn Beck Deplatformed by Apple

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James Lasher

“The Glenn Beck Program,” a show that prides itself on operating free of external influence or censorship on BlazeTV, has found itself caught in the crosshairs of Apple Podcasts, raising concerns about the targeting of conservatives by large tech corporations.

In a move that has ignited debates over free expression, Apple Podcasts has effectively deplatformed the show, preventing its latest episode from going live and scrubbing all previous podcasts.

The abrupt decision was communicated to the show’s host, the nationally syndicated radio personality and Blaze Media co-founder Glenn Beck, by the Apple Podcasts Team that there was an issue with his content that needed resolution before being made available on the platform.

Beck, a prominent conservative voice, described his suspicion that such actions stem from his show’s poignant coverage, speculating that the more they address subjects directly, the more these corporate entities appear to target them. Beck emphasized the lack of warning or prior strikes, leaving him puzzled about the basis for this move.

The episode in question, titled “Trump vs. Biden: Which is the Crime Family?”, seems to have raised Apple’s eyebrows, leading to a chain of events that many view as undue censorship. Beck questioned whether the content’s hard-hitting nature led to this suppression, a concerning prospect for a platform that had, until now, hosted diverse voices and opinions.

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The implications of Beck’s removal from Apple Podcasts are significant. With millions of listeners relying on the platform, this move translates to the loss of a major fan base and potential revenue for the show. Beck expressed his disgust over the treatment, emphasizing his adherence to the platform’s standards and rules.

The situation prompts the question: When did we veer away from being a nation that championed the right to express oneself, even if the views are unpopular?

Beck drew parallels between this scenario and the broader principle of freedom of speech. While acknowledging a private company’s prerogative to choose its business affiliations, he cautioned against the potential for this power to be misused. He questioned whether this move was a result of genuine company policy or a symptom of the growing tendency to weaponize authority against certain perspectives.

The reaction from fellow conservative commentators has been swift. BlazeTV host Steve Deace raised concerns over the “one-way” nature of such glitches, suggesting a possible pattern that stifles conservative voices.

As this situation unfolds, it raises broader questions on the role and responsibilities of tech giants ensuring open dialogue and a broad range of opinions. The balance between protecting against harmful content and safeguarding free expression is delicate, and the actions taken by platforms like Apple Podcasts hold far-reaching consequences.

TheBlaze reached out to Apple Podcasts for their perspective on the situation but, as of now, has not received a response. This incident serves as another chapter in the ongoing debate about the undue power tech corporations wield over the shaping of public discourse and the potential consequences of their actions.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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