Morning Rundown: Kat Von D on Leaving Behind Alcoholism, Throwing Away Occult Books and Baptism

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Kat Von D on Leaving Behind Alcoholism, Throwing Away Occult Books and Baptism

Kat Von D is breaking her silence on how she became a Christian and her journey of leaving behind alcoholism, throwing away occult books and her baptism that left the entire world in awestruck.

On the Relatable podcast with Allie Beth Stuckey, Von D explained that she grew up learning about God, but that the concepts of Christianity didn’t stick with her.

“I ended up straying,” Von D says. “I ended up like being a pretty wild teenager and leaving home at the age of 14 running away and putting my parents through a literal hell that I have made amends for now…I had a lot of questions as a kid and I don’t think my parents were equipped with the answers.”

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In the World, Not of It: Why These 2 Pentatonix Members Are Committed to Being a Light in Culture

In the glittering world of entertainment, where fame often overshadows faith, Pentatonix members Matt Sallee and Kevin Olusola stand out as devout Christians with a distinct mission.

Despite their international acclaim and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, they shun the title of celebrities, viewing themselves as “Daniels” on a mission to illuminate the darkest corners of mainstream culture.

For Olusola, the beatboxer and vocalist of the Grammy Award-winning group, being a “Daniel” means infiltrating culture while staying true to the one true God, a principle drawn from the biblical narrative. The goal, as he puts it, is to be a light in culture, showcasing the beauty, joy and relevance of the gospel in a way that dismantles the stigma surrounding it.

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Breaking Free From the Stronghold of Anxiety

Have you ever had issues with anxiety, worry, or dealing with stress? Jason Cusick, author of The Anxiety Field Guide wrestled with anxiety his entire life but never really knew it.

His mother was a self-professed clean freak and people pleaser, and he inherited those traits. He hit an anxiety crisis several years ago when he became a lead pastor at his church. He spiraled down with uncontrollable anxious thoughts and feelings, as well as physical symptoms. He connected with a Christian therapist and began to heal.

Jason went into counseling and ended up taking note and writing ideas that were helpful to him. When he’d get anxious, he’d go back to those different notes and work through the issue. That gave him the idea to write his book to help others who may be experiencing anxiety. The Anxiety Field Guide is laid out with short, simple principles to apply to your situation.

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