In the World, Not of It: Why These 2 Pentatonix Members Are Committed to Being a Light in Culture

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James Lasher

In the glittering world of entertainment, where fame often overshadows faith, Pentatonix members Matt Sallee and Kevin Olusola stand out as devout Christians with a distinct mission.

Despite their international acclaim and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, they shun the title of celebrities, viewing themselves as “Daniels” on a mission to illuminate the darkest corners of mainstream culture.

For Olusola, the beatboxer and vocalist of the Grammy Award-winning group, being a “Daniel” means infiltrating culture while staying true to the one true God, a principle drawn from the biblical narrative. The goal, as he puts it, is to be a light in culture, showcasing the beauty, joy and relevance of the gospel in a way that dismantles the stigma surrounding it.

“We want people to see that the gospel can be relatable to their lives, whatever they’re going through,” Olusola expressed to The Christian Post.

Pentatonix’s musical journey is more than a climb to stardom; it’s a mission to express and share their faith. While not exclusively a Christian group, the group’s versions of songs such as “Mary, Did You Know?” and “Amazing Grace” convey a spiritual depth that transcends mere entertainment. Olusola emphasizes the unique power of music as a God-given medium, reaching hearts in ways other forms cannot.

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“Music was created by the Creator,” he explains. “So, when you align to the Creator and how He’s purposely using it, then you get the true strength of what it’s called to be.” Both Olusola and Sallee believe that, though audiences may not see Jesus physically on stage, they hope people His presence through their music.

Navigating the complexities of an increasingly dark culture isn’t without its challenges. Both artists credit their upbringing for instilling the habits and teachings that anchor them in their spiritual journey. They recognize the importance of relying on the Holy Spirit and seeking guidance from fellow believers to maintain their purpose amidst the demands of touring.

Sallee, who joined Pentatonix in 2017, said, “It’s all about trusting the Holy Spirit … and yourself just to know that God’s called you in your purpose.”

Olusola emphasized the sense of being sent by God, stating, “I feel like when I’m sent, then the only way I can do this is through being aligned to Christ because it wasn’t mine to begin with.”

Looking ahead, the bandmates remain committed to aligning their talents with Christ’s will. Olusola emphasized that if their work is tainted by selfish motives, it undermines the purpose for which God sent them. Their goal is clear: to continuously align with Jesus so that His will for their musical journey is fulfilled.

In a world where celebrity often overshadows conviction, these Pentatonix artists remain steadfast in their mission to be Daniels in the spotlight, bringing light and faith to the forefront of mainstream culture.

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James Lasher is staff writer for Charisma Media.

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