Mark Driscoll: 7 Traits of a Godly Father

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Abby Trivett

Fathers play one of the most important roles in a person’s life. But what are the key traits every Christian father should have?

  • A godly father has joy around his children.

Driscoll says the fruit of joy should be evident to all those who enter a family’s house.

“Evidence of joy is this: a sense of playfulness and non-anxious presence,” Driscoll says. “If you walk into a house, and mom is laughing and kids are playing…dad’s probably a joyful guy.”

  • Godly fathers bring the Spirit of the Lord into their household.

Driscoll says fathers have two options; they can either bring in the spirit of the flesh into their household, or they usher in the Spirit of God. The choice is theirs.

“You either bring the spirit of the flesh or the Spirit of God. And you set the entire environment for your home,” Driscoll says.

  • A godly father has the goal of making memories with his family.

Driscoll believes that the kind of presence a father brings home with him changes the entire goal for himself and his family. A dad who brings in the Spirit of the Lord will want to make memories with his family.

“More important than what you say or the tactics you use as a husband and father is the spirit and presence you bring,” Driscoll says.

  • A godly father brings love into his home.

Driscoll believes one of the traits of a godly father is that they bring love and joy into a home, willing to spend time with their family. Instead of focusing on the things happening in the world around them, a godly father focuses on his family when he’s present with them.

“Be praying with your wife and your kids and owning your home environment,” Driscoll says. “Turn off the news, no more politics, put down the cell phones, no more invasions from the internet.”

  • A godly father has patience.

Driscoll believes a godly father uses the same kind of patience with his family that the heavenly Father uses with us.

“I’m going to treat you the way the Father treats me with some patience [and] kindness. This is being considerate and not rude,” Driscoll says.

  • A godly father treats his family with kindness and goodness.

Driscoll believes a godly father is one who treats his family with kindness and is willing to serve in the way God calls leaders to do so.

“Goodness; this is generosity,” Driscoll says. “You want to be those men that are for your wife, you’re for your kids, you’re for your friends, you’re for your brothers in Christ.”

  • A godly father has a positive influence on his family.

“Gentleness, not domineering, not overbearing. There are two ways that men lead: control and influence. Control is being domineering, loud, overbearing, intimidating. Influence says ‘I love you, I care for you, I’m here to help you, you can trust me,’” Driscoll says.

The call to being a father is not an easy one, but it is one that deserves the utmost respect. This Father’s Day, thank the godly men in your life who have made an impact on shaping you.

Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.

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