Let’s Follow Jesus, Not Superstar Faith Leaders

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Michael L. Brown

It is one of the strengths of our American culture that we have learned how to make everything bigger and better. It is one of the weaknesses of the American church that we apply this same mentality to our faith leaders. We know how to turn servants into superstars!

How foreign this is to the New Testament mindset, where rising in leadership meant persecution more than popularity and rejection more than recognition. In the early church, as a senior leader, you could expect to be executed than exalted. Today, ministry often leads to stardom and success. How have we fallen so far?

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It is one thing to have a platform that reaches the multitudes. We can be thank God for that.

It is quite another thing to become a celebrity Christian.

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It is one thing to pastor a massive megachurch. That is a sacred entrustment.

It is another thing to cultivate the adoration and adulation of your people as if you were a superstar. Be careful! God will not share His glory with another.

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