Are We at the End of the Christian Celebrity Era?

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Abby Trivett

Have we finally come to the end of the road for the Christian celebrity era?

In a recent podcast, Dr. Michael Brown tackled this subject and how God may be dealing with those who find themselves glued to the “celebrity” Christian mentality.

One of the problems Brown points out is that Americans have taken Christianity and used its premise to exalt men and women instead of the Lord.

“We have built a culture now of exalting the man of God, exalting the woman of God, exalting this anointed person…it is destructive, it is harmful, and to the extent that we as leaders cultivate it, it is a sign of sickness in our own soul,” Brown says.

Brown notes that the problem isn’t God using men and women for great things; it is the character within us. Brown believes that the moment we begin to think we are better or greater than another, we find ourselves in dangerous territory.

The problem, then, is not whether or not people have platforms, but whether those platforms are made to draw attention to yourself or to the goodness of the Lord.

“Is it built around a person, or is it built to draw people to the Lord?” Brown asks. “Is it built around a performance…or does that man or woman of God bring us into a deeper encounter with God?”

Brown further points out that “servants don’t strut.” Those who truly serve the Lord seek humility, not pride and fame.

Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.

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