Unveiling the Mysteries of CERN and the Spiritual Realm

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James Lasher

In a recent interview, prophetic voice and end times expert Joseph Z sat down with Charisma News to discuss the supernatural occurrences going on in the world today.

The topic of CERN, the Large Hadron Collider located in Switzerland, took center stage. Looking at what is taking place in the underground facility from a Christian perspective, Z drew intriguing connections between scientific exploration and the spiritual realm. The conversation delved into the possible consequences of mankind’s quest to unravel the mysteries of the universe.

CERN, best known for its experiments in particle physics, has sparked curiosity and, for some, concern about the boundaries between the natural and supernatural worlds. The discussion touched on a variety of aspects, beginning with an exploration of biblical stories and their relevance to the CERN facility.

David and Goliath: An Unexpected Connection

One surprising parallel discussed was the connection between David and Goliath, the biblical giant, and CERN. Z suggests that just as David used the giant’s own sword to defeat him, CERN may unknowingly open doorways to other dimensions. It was this notion of “dimensional portals” that sparked the discussion’s more esoteric aspects.

The Large Hadron Collider: A Portal to the Unknown

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN has the scientific community intrigued and has led to intriguing discussions within the Christian community. The collider accelerates particles to nearly the speed of light and smashes them together. The results of these experiments, according to some, might provide insights into dark matter, the origins of the universe and even the existence of multiple dimensions.

The claim is that through mathematical calculations, scientists at CERN are discovering alternative dimensions beyond our three-dimensional space. While we perceive the world in three dimensions, it is believed that CERN’s experiments could inadvertently open gateways to dimensions unobservable by our natural senses.

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“What’s really going on is they’re discovering that there are different universes or different dimensions within this. And when they do this mathematically, they’re finding different dimensions that they can step into. Now we are three dimensional beings, we live in a three-dimensional space. And that’s how we operate. And through that three-dimensional space, we can only perceive so many things. So, when we begin to open up this the setting, so to speak, it’s highly probable and likely that they’re allowing, like the Tower of Babel, other dimensions,” says Z.

CERN and Its Occultic Symbolism

The conversation also touched on the symbolism and practices at CERN, suggesting that some of its actions and ceremonies might in fact be occultic rituals. The presence of a statue of Shiva, the “destroyer of worlds,” and bizarre, seemingly demonic performances raised concerns about the facility’s spiritual implications.

“There’s video clips about how they have occultic practices right in the front yard of CERN, how they have a statue [of] Shiva, with multiple arms. And she’s a representation of the destroyer of worlds, and how that, of course, is what some people believe, is going to be Apollyon, the destroyer. And there’s so many aspects to it when they open CERN. And this is all public source, you can find it, they did a celebration and a dance where a man was dressed like a half goat half man, and began to dance in front of a swirling portal, a giant LED wall. And they had all these demonic figures dancing with them. And they’re pretending that they’re hanging people,” shares Z.

The Real vs. the Counterfeit

In light of these discussions, the conversation turned to the importance of discerning the difference between the real and the counterfeit. While CERN might be seen as an attempt to reach the divine or access hidden knowledge, it is essential to seek a deeper connection with God in these complex and perplexing times.

“We say wild stuff, but we bring them back to the Word of God. We make sure people’s hearts are at peace, and they’re in comfort with the Lord, the peace of God that passes understanding. What we see is the counterfeit and the real we know [in] Isaiah 60 it says this deep darkness will cover the earth darkness of the people but a rise shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord will be visited upon you. I believe as darkness rises, so is the light,” Z says.

The Role of Believers

As darkness seems to be on the rise, the light must shine even brighter. Believers are urged to unite, strengthen their connection with God and prepare to be instruments of divine intervention.

As darkness accelerates, so does the light. The anticipation of an imminent return of Jesus Christ was discussed, with the belief that supernatural phenomena, spiritual revival and divine provision are accelerating as well, just as Jesus said in Matthew 24.

The mysteries of CERN and their potential implications for the spiritual realm continue to be subjects of intrigue and debate within the Christian community. As believers strive to navigate these uncertain waters, the message of hope, unity and the Lord’s return remains a beacon of light in an increasingly complex world.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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