Morning Rundown: Jeremiah Johnson: Navigating Life When Prophecy Doesn’t Come to Pass

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Jeremiah Johnson: Navigating Life When Prophecy Doesn’t Come to Pass

In the world of prophetic ministry, accuracy and responsibility play a crucial role in guiding believers’ faith and expectations. In one of my latest editions of my Strang Report podcast, I spoke with Jeremiah Johnson, a prophetic voice who faced significant challenges and transformation over the past couple of years. From failed predictions to personal struggles, Johnson’s story is a testament to the complexities and lessons of the prophetic realm.

Johnson gained national attention when he shared three distinct prophecies that spoke about the trajectory of America’s future. Johnson’s initial prophecies consisted of a three-part dream that included predictions about the Los Angeles Dodgers winning the World Series, Amy Coney Barrett’s appointment as a Supreme Court justice and the re-election of Donald Trump. While the first two predictions came true, the third prophecy did not materialize. It was after this missed prophetic word that Johnson humbled himself before the Lord to see what God wanted him to do.

“I began to pray and ask the Lord what He wanted me to do about that miss,” Johnson said. “When I began to really get in the prayer closet and really asked the Holy Spirit: ‘what do you want me to do?’ I felt like He said, ‘I want you to publish a public letter…’ And I feel like the Lord wanted me to apologize for that failed prophecy.”

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Troy Brewer Exposes the Luciferian Side of Trafficking

In the relentless struggle against the abhorrent reality of child trafficking, Pastor Troy Brewer and his ministry emerge as beacons of hope and relentless warriors against the forces of darkness that plague innocent lives.

With a fervent dedication to his ministry’s mission, Brewer unravels the grim truths lurking beneath the surface, all the while asserting that divine intervention and a transformative message are essential weapons in the battle against this global epidemic.

“God has opened a portal with ‘The Sound of Freedom.’ I think that the title was prophetic,” Brewer asserts, his voice resonating with a conviction that carries the weight of over two decades of relentless pursuit to combat child trafficking worldwide. As he speaks, it’s evident that Brewer believes in the spiritual significance of his mission, viewing the release of the movie as a catalyst for profound change.

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Lee Strobel Shares Evel Knievel’s Remarkable Transformation Testimony

n the realm of extraordinary encounters with God, one remarkable tale stands as a testament to the transformative power of embracing Jesus as Savior and Lord. This story, a true testament to the potential for renewal found within the pages of Scripture, unfolds by the narrative prowess of Lee Strobel.

Recalling the abundance of such encounters, Strobel underscores the profound impact of experiences that align with the heavenly realm. The Word of God is filled with visions and revelations, a stark reminder that such occurrences remain an exceptional occurrence.

Along his journey hearing amazing testimonies of God’s saving grace, one particular story that resonated with Strobel is the testimony of Evel Knievel, the American stuntman that took the world by storm with his death-defying stunts.

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