A Prophetic Word So Good It Made Marcus Rogers Do a Back Flip

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Shawn Akers

Evangelist Marcus Rogers could hardly contain his excitement. Rogers says he recently received a prophetic word from the Lord that will encourage multitudes in the body of Christ, and it will come to fruition within one year.

The word was so good, Rogers says, that he went back out into the woods near his home in suburban Chicago where he first fell in love with Jesus. When he got home, he did a back flip on the trampoline in his back yard.

“As clear as day, God says in one year, ‘I’m about to change everything dramatically,'” Rogers says. “In one year, people are going to be vindicated. In one year, some of you are going to go from the bottom to being on top as God has called you to be.

“Some of you have been wondering, you’ve been looking around and saying, ‘God why do these people get to represent the kingdom and why do the wicked get to prosper? Why am I going through this, why is my marriage going through this, when is my business going to take off, when am I going to see the promises of God in my life?’ In the word He gave me, God says in one year there is going to be dramatic change. There is going be dramatic change in politics. There’s going to be dramatic change in the churches that have been faithful, that have been consistent, that are not about the money, that are not about the fame and that just want to see Jesus glorified.

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“He says there is going to be dramatic change in the landscape of what is religion and tradition. We’re going to start moving into truth. There’s going to be a dramatic change of the guard and so the first shall be last and the last shall be first.”

This prophetic word is a world-changer for everyone—if only they will receive it with the joy of the Lord.

“Your whole life is going to change,” Rogers says. “Let me tell you something: One word from God is all it takes, one word from God will change your life. All it took was God pulling up at Moses at the burning bush or Him pulling up on Saul under the Damascus road. Their whole lives were changed. If you follow this word that I’m giving you today, if you receive this word, it will not fall to the ground. It will not return void. I promise you that right now.

“I feel this thing so strong in my spirit. It may sound crazy, but mark my words, in one year, you are about to see dramatic change in your marriage and your family, in your ministry, in this country. I’ve talked about the wave that is coming. God is doing something and it’s going to be the greatest move of God ever. But it’s going to be with people whose hearts belong to the Lord and not culture, not race, not a political party, not tradition, not religion, but for ones whose heart truly belongs to the Lord. The Lord knows who that is, and if that’s you, this word is for you. May everything you do be blessed in the name of Jesus and everything you do prosper in the name of Jesus.” {eoa}

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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