Sunday, Sept. 3 at 9PM: Uncovering the Supernatural Mysteries of ‘The Josiah Manifesto’

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James Lasher

Renowned author, speaker and prophetic voice, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has unveiled a groundbreaking revelation in his latest work, “The Josiah Manifesto: The Ancient Mystery & Guide for the End Times.” Cahn asserts that this manifesto contains vital insights that hold the key to understanding the present age and navigating the challenges of the future.

Joining Sid Roth on his flagship program, “It’s Supernatural, with Sid Roth,” the two titans of faith will host a 1-hour Supernatural Special diving into the mysteries held within “The Josiah Manifesto.”

This important discussion will take place on Sunday, Sept. 3, at 9 p.m. on Newsmax.

A recurring theme in the book revolves around ancient holy days. Cahn asserts that these holy days, outlined in Leviticus 23 and hailing from Mount Sinai, serve as pivotal markers behind significant events in America’s history. He meticulously reveals how events like pandemics, riots and Supreme Court decisions correlate with these appointed times.

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Ultimately, “The Josiah Manifesto” serves as a comprehensive guide, a blueprint and a call to action for Christians in these uncertain times. It provides insights into living victoriously, devoid of fear and embracing God’s power even in the midst of darkness. As Cahn passionately reveals these revelations, he aims to equip readers with a deeper understanding of their faith and a renewed sense of purpose.

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