Are You Under Spiritual Leadership or in a Cult?

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Abby Trivett

In the latest Demon Slayer podcast with Alexander Pagani, Isaiah Saldivar, Mike Signorelli and Vlad Savchuk, the four men of God got down to talking about the importance of Christians having a spiritual covering, and how to know if your church is part of a cult.

“The concept of a covering really is a biblical one,” Pagani says. “[It is] being part of a community of believers where you’re being nurtured, facilitated, held accountable, you’re growing with, you’re growing together.”

“God created us to be part of larger communities and we grow better as we migrate together,” Pagani says. “God places you in a group of believers that He ordains for you that I believe might be tailor-made to who you are.”

“A good, godly covering is for your protection,” Savchuk says. “It protects us from pride. It protects us from criticism…and then there is the protection from foolishness.”

He also goes on to explain the difference with spiritual leaders and those who have the traits of being in a cult.

“You’re not allowed to question or criticize the leader,” Savchuk says.

Saldivar says that a church might be cult-like if they don’t allow believers to get together with those from other churches.

“We’re talking about churches that say you are not allowed to fellowship with other churches…when your pastor starts saying, ‘we are the only ones…’ you start getting into the shallow waters of cultism,” Saldivar says.

Saldivar warns that some churches might not completely fit the description of a cult, however, it may seem as though they are on the track to become one. When a pastor or leadership starts stepping into areas of life that they should not, Saldivar says you can be sure to know that this is cult-like behavior.

“You start getting that witchcraft domination,” Saldivar says.

“You have discernment ministries that have no discernment. You have accountability ministries that have no accountability. You have people calling out wolves who are wolves,” Signorelli says.

“One of the tactics of the devil is to always make the other person to be the one that’s doing the thing that you’re in fact doing. So, what I’ve noticed is they will manipulate you while calling the other person the manipulator,” Signorelli says.

Having godly, biblical accountability is necessary for believers especially in a day and age when deception is everywhere.

Abby Trivett is marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma.

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