Amid Tornado Carnage, Man’s Prayer Becomes Beacon of Hope for 70 Survivors

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James Lasher

Amid the barrage of tornadoes that plagued the center of the United States, 118 reported in a 48-hour span, many people in the storm’s path were lifting up prayers to the Lord for protection.

For the 70 workers at the Garner Industries building in Lincoln, Nebraska, they had one co-worker looking to God as the EF-3 tornado ripped their building to shreds.

“You can hear things are just shaking,” Nate Hutchinson told KLKN-TV. “And everything just came down on top of us, just instantly.”

The age old advice which has gotten many a weary Christian through difficult times proved to be the most logical thing for Hutchinson to do as he looked death in the face: when in doubt, pray it out.

“There’s nothing I can do right now except literally just pray to God that I don’t die because I’m not in control of anything at this point,” he said. “It’s just hopefully I don’t get crushed.”

As the tornado pummeled the building, ripping the roof clean off and collapsing the building around the 70 workers on the premise, not to mention the deafening roar of the storm and screeching of tearing metal, not a one of them were killed by the impact.

Another eyewitness, Toby Baker, ran shelter amid the collapsing degrees, and walked away from the building to tell about.

“All of a sudden the building starts shaking. I took off running, things flying by my head. I got in the bathroom right as the whole building collapses,” Baker says.

As reported by KLKN, “Officials say three people were injured, though none of the injuries were life-threatening.”

James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media

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