2024: A Year of Dunamis Power

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James Lasher

In an exclusive Charisma News interview with Pastor Troy Brewer, founding and senior pastor of OpenDoor Church in Burleson, Texas, a captivating revelation for the forthcoming year, 2024, has been unveiled. The dialogue not only sheds light on the prophetic word for the new year but also explores the multifaceted dimensions of God’s divine plan.

“God gave us two eyes. And I think it’s important to look through both lenses,” Brewer emphasizes, underscoring the significance of viewing the future through both the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars.

Drawing from his three decades of seeking the Lord’s guidance, he vividly recalls the divine directive given in 1986 to “keep your eye on 2020.” The subsequent years, marked by pivotal moments of change in 2016 and 2020, have laid the groundwork for the belief that another transformative shift is on the horizon in 2024.

“We’re huge on my prophetic calendars as everything changes,” Brewer says, reflecting on the pattern of transformative shifts in recent years. “And when we hit 2016, everything did change. [In] 2020, everything changed. And I really believe that everything’s going to change again in the year 2024.”

The conversation navigates the intricate dance between the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars. “If we’re going to look into the year 2024, I think that we have to understand that 5784 on the Hebrew calendar is the year of the open door,” he explains, highlighting the interconnectedness of these calendars.

While reflecting on the consistency of God’s unchanging Word, Brewer introduces the concept of God highlighting new voices in the new year. “God is literally introducing new voices … His voice is changing in a very, very dramatic way,” he states, pointing to a profound shift in divine communication.

“A new ear for this new year,” he says, stressing the importance of embracing fresh perspectives and divine communication. “God is literally introducing new voices … And His voice is changing in a very, very dramatic way.

“A matter of fact, I think that you have to, well, to be very honest, I’ve never got a word past 2024,” Brewer says, reflecting on his experiences and the unique nature of the upcoming year in God’s prophetic timeline.

The discussion delves into the idea that God, in this new year, is introducing new voices. While emphasizing that God’s Word remains constant, the prophetic pastor underscores the changing nature of God’s voice. He draws an analogy to the Malchus miracle, symbolizing a fresh start and a renewed connection with God.

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The discussion next takes a biblical turn, with Brewer employing Scripture such as Deuteronomy 32:25 to illustrate the alignment of prophetic events with specific dates and emphasizing the importance of discerning these divine markers. “[It is] So important that we pass the test,” he says, pointing to a season of divine testing and qualification for believers.

As the conversation extends to the significance of the Greek alphabet, in which the 24 letters are aligned with the prophetic sign of an open door for the year 2024, he emphasizes the need for an immediate response to God’s call. “So I need you to drop what you’re doing and get with a new program,” he declares, urging believers to align with divine directives without hesitation.

Furthermore, Brewer elaborates on the theme of judgment from God’s throne in 2024, asserting that those who pass the tests will receive supernatural blessings, commands, permissions and upgraded authority. This spiritual upgrade is seen as a reward for loyalty, faithfulness and steadfastness during challenging times, mirroring God’s historical patterns of grace and favor.

“The Lord is literally upgrading people that have qualified,” he says, emphasizing the idea of divine upgrade and reward for those who remain steadfast. “And I think that just since 2020, man, we’ve had to qualify for some things. We’ve had to decide to be loyal. We’ve had to be faithful to get through some things.”

The discussion concludes with a compelling call to action, urging individuals to embrace stability in the midst of instability and to trust in the power of God. “Your help comes from the Lord,” Brewer asserts, highlighting the importance of finding refuge in divine stability amid the changing landscapes of the world.

As 2024 approaches, Pastor Troy Brewer’s prophetic insights serve as a comprehensive guide for believers to navigate the coming year with unwavering faith, resilience and a profound understanding of God’s transformative and multifaceted plan.

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James Lasher is staff writer for Charisma Media.

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