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Billionaire CEO Declares Over America: ‘We Are in a Spiritual War’

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James Lasher

As cultural and societal shifts continue to occur at a rapid pace, many are calling out that the friction in American society is more than what it appears to the naked eye.

Fingers are constantly pointed at the surface level issues: economics, politics, education and many more, but there is a rising number of Americans saying the root of all of these issues lays in the spiritual realm.

Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue believes that if America does not course correct and in fact elects Joe Biden to a second term as president, then the country will be lost.

“As a CEO, businessman, what’s happened in the last two years is a complete disaster,” Unanue told Fox’s “Mornings with Maria.”

“We’ve unraveled all the gains that were made. But I’m more here today as a Latino than as a business person. And when things get bad, we need an intervention. We need an intervention bad, or otherwise we’re going to lose this country, our morality,” Unanue says.

Unanue joins a growing list of Latino evangelicals such as Rev. Samuel Rodriguez and Evangelist Mario Murillo who believe God is going to use the community to bring about revival in a country that desperately needs it.

There is a growing clash among Hispanic communities of faith and the agenda being pushed by the Biden administration in regards to gender ideology and failed economic policies.

“Family is generally a priority among Hispanics,” says Dennis Rivera, director of the Office of Hispanic and Ethnic Relations for the Assemblies of God, “and relationships are far more important than schedules, which can then conflict somewhat with church activities as those activities need to be on some kind of a schedule.”

Meanwhile, California Democrats are seeking to push a bill that would allow the state to remove children from their homes if the parents do not “affirm” their gender, co-authored by California Sen. Scott Weiner, the same politician who attends heretical “hunky Jesus” performances and introduced SB 107 that made California a “refuge” for child sex changes.

“We are in a spiritual war,” Unanue says. “But this intervention is going to take place with the Holy Spirit. Latinos, which will be the biggest group in this country by 2050 or by next week with this open border, hold the values of God, family, life, work. We are attacked.”

“[Latinos] left countries with communism, with oppression where there’s no freedom of speech, only to find that happening here,” he continues. “We’re in a country where we’re attacking the children. Our children are under attack, and we need to heal.”

Evangelist Mario Murillo is echoing these calls to repentance and allowing God to become center in American society once again, and that the Latino community is going to be used for God’s glory.

“There is a major spiritual awakening going on,” Murillo told Charisma News.

“There has become such a desperation now,” Murillo continues. “In fact, I’m going to predict right here, right now, that the wave of revival in the Latin churches in America is going to end up being the most forceful spiritual awakening that we have. It will transcend anything else.”

Murillo is one of many who believe that the abandonment of godly and biblical principles will bring about revival and repentance in America as people’s eyes are opened to the spiritual battle taking place in the world.

“It’s because there is a natural sense of family values in the Latin culture,” Murillo says. “The fact that they are here … what the devil meant for evil, God is going to use to His advantage. Their Catholicism prewires them to believe in miracles.

“So, we do attend crusades in the Latin community. Wheelchairs are empty, blind eyes are opened; cancers vanish. People are healed because of their pre-wired faith in miracles.”

At the rate America is descending into godless immorality at the hands of faithless leadership, God’s miracles of restoration cannot come soon enough.

James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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