Why are Parents Buying Their Kids This Demonic Toy?

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Abby Trivett

Why are parents purchasing a rather demonic looking toy for their children?

Build-A-Bear has decided to go to the dark side by selling a “Mothman” plush.

The dark stuffed animal with piercing red eyes and wings looks far from what we would expect parents to be buying for their kids. However, this item was listed as “appears by popular demand” on the Build-A-Bear site.

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“A mysterious winged friend appears by popular demand—or does he?” The Build-A-Bear site reads. “Now you can take flight with your own Mothman plush!”

The folklore of Mothman began when gravediggers believed they encountered a strange human-like creature in the 1960s in West Virginia.

The creature, as Southern Living notes, was supposedly seen just a few days later by two couples with red eyes that chased them. The sightings of Mothman were reported to have continued during the following year.

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Now, this paranormal activity is being promoted to children by Build-A-Bear.

“Inspired by the mystery and intrigue of the folklore legend reportedly seen in Point, Pleasant, West Virginia, this paranormal plush has soft black fur with bright red eyes. Personalize this lovable legend with his own outfits, sounds, scents and accessories to make him even more unique!” The Build-A-Bear description shares.

From TV shows and movies that promote witchcraft and magic to indoctrination of kids with the LGBTQ ideology, no wonder it would appear to be fun or trendy to purchase stuffed animals for children with a demonic background.

In these perilous moments, this is the time to pray for protection and for guidance by the Holy Spirit for future generations.

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Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.

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