Pride Month Slips Out of Sight

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Michael L. Brown

As a follower of Jesus, I believe in treating every human being with grace and civility. And to be specific, I believe in loving my LGBTQ+ neighbor as myself. At the same time, because I care for the greater good of society and believe God’s ways are best, I oppose many of the goals of LGBTQ+ activism. That’s why I was glad to see a more diminished version of Pride Month in 2024. The pushback—which I have been expecting for years—continues to grow.

Last year, things were so wild that the longtime gay ally Piers Morgan asked, “Have we gone rainbow crazy or is pride month more important than patriotism?” And in response to a challenge from a gay comedian, Morgan answered, “I’m not triggered by a rainbow flag. I’m triggered by the fact that everywhere that I go for a month everything has to be a rainbow flag.”

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Also last year, things grew so extreme with Target’s “tuck” bathing suits for males who identify as females (including children) that Joe Rogan commented, “… hey, that’s not normal.”

And at that time, we were deep into the Bud Light boycott, with Rogan calling the so-called “transgender influencer” Dylan Mulvaney “a confused person.” As for Kid Rock, he let his gun do the talking (before adding some choice expletives).

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Already, by the end of last year, Kid Rock had softened his stance, saying Bud “‘deserved a black eye and they got one’ for the partnership with Dylan Mulvaney, but then added he’s over the boycott. ‘So, do I want to hold their head underwater and drown them because they made a mistake? No, I think they got the message.’”

A message that cost you more than $1 billion would be hard to miss.

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